An elderly Muscovite was abandoned in a freezing house that is planned for the demolition

An elderly Muscovite was abandoned in a freezing house that is planned for the demolition
An elderly Muscovite was abandoned in a freezing house that is planned for the demolition
17 February 2021, 10:33City
In Kuntsevo, the resettlement of residents of 47-48 blocks is in full swing within the framework of an investment contract for reconstruction. Three houses on Ivan Franko Street are already ready for demolition.

Only in the bustle of moving in the deserted house number 20 on the Ivan Franco street there still remained a forgotten elderly woman.

One can say that an activist, a resident of the same quarter, Ivan Rozhkov, accidentally found out about its existence. Here is what he writes in the FB, turning to Muscovites for help:

Сосульки внутри квартиры...

“The house is disconnected from electricity and partly from heating. The batteries are cut off, the window frames are taken out, the empty apartments are flooded with water, rapidly turning into ice. Icicles hang from the windows and ceilings, the walls are covered with mold, and plaster is crumbling everywhere. Day and night, marauders operate in the house. They take out the last furniture abandoned by the owners and take out the windows".

Pensioner Valentina Sergeyevna Shilenkova lives in apartment number 3, who was not provided with a new apartment. Her apartment was once formalized as a departmental one, so she has neither a title deed nor a social tenancy agreement. The officials did not figure out how to arrange for her relocation, and gave up on her. The house is already being prepared for demolition and is surrounded by a fence. A lonely woman is afraid to leave the house, because in her absence it can be demolished. In this case, she will simply remain on the street, without belongings and documents.

Rozhkov called on the deputies and journalists to take control of this situation and prevent the demolition of the house in which the person still lives.

The first to respond was the deputy of the Moscow City Duma Sergei Mitrokhin and went to the place, which, as it turned out, could well be called a crime scene. Whose intrigues are these? Believe it or not, the Moscow City Property Department "forgot" my grandmother in a two-room apartment. And, it seems, because she decided to sue him.

According to Nadezhda Chizhova, a neighbor of Shilenkova in the demolished quarter, Valentina Sergeyevna has been living in a service apartment since 1985. Last year she filed a lawsuit against DGI (City Property Department) demanding to conclude a social loan agreement with her, i.e. transfer an apartment from an office to a social rental to the city. DGI filed a counterclaim - forcibly evict Valentina Sergeyevna. However, the Kuntsevo court dismissed the claim against an elderly woman who had owned an apartment in Moscow for 35 years and ordered DGI to conclude a social loan agreement with her (highlighted by us - ed.) The decision was made in November 2020, but there is still no social loan agreement. Moreover, they began to disconnect communications and cut off the batteries in the houses being resettled after the decision of the Kuntsevo court; in the January frosts, the turn came to the frozen monastery of Valentina Shilenkova.

Sergey Mitrokhin filmed a story about a small man who turned out to be an obstacle in the way of large urban plans.


Today, for the first time in the winter, old woman will spend a warm night with kind people. But momentary charity does NOT solve her housing problem. The Moscow Mayor's Office will pretend that there is no problem, and the elderly person should be swept out into the street?

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