One more mandatory certificate was invented for Moscow residents

One more mandatory certificate was invented for Moscow residents
One more mandatory certificate was invented for Moscow residents
17 April 2020, 20:07CityPhoto: Медиахолдинг 1Mi
The pass regime introduced for residents of Moscow and the Moscow Region this week outlined yet another facet of the problem - what should do those who rent an apartment or just is "stuck" at their friends home isolating themselves?

What document should be shown to the police, even if you go out to the grocery within a hundred meters from the house?

"Muscovites walking to the pharmacy, a store or for a walk with a dog must have proof of their place of residence in any written form," said Kirill Shchitov, deputy of the Moscow City Duma, to Interfax news agency .

The deputy noted that the decree of the mayor of the capital on the regime of self-isolation for residents of the city refers only to the actual place of stay, no one requires people to move to the place of permanent registration. But if it is enough for those who live at the place of registration at the exit to the street to put their passports in their pocket, then renters will need a copy of the apartment rental agreement. For those who live in apartments where it is impossible to register, you will need a copy of the document of ownership of them.

"If a person lives with relatives or friends, a receipt from the owner of the apartment will be sufficient," said Kirill Shchitov. The only question is how legitimate the verification of documents is “according to receipt” and whether law enforcement officers will believe it. “If a person forgets a document confirming his place of residence, he can be presented later at the so-called parsing group,” the deputy added, hinting that going out for a loaf of bread can now turn into a whole adventure in Moscow. “A protocol can be drawn up, then he will be considered by the inspector and the citizen will be invited to parse. I am sure that the protocol will be interpreted in favor of the citizen. "

Moreover, in the so-called "work passes" for traveling by public transport, the address is not marked at all, and if the pass is required to receive medical care or for other purposes, then the route must be indicated on it. “But we proceed from the presumption of good faith of Muscovites, we trust them,” the deputy added. Such a pass of a non-working nature may also be required for those who already have a work pass, for example, for traveling on weekends. On working days, the deputy recommended that residents of the city go to the shops on the way home from work.

Restrictive measures and access control, in force in Moscow since Monday, were introduced due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. However, despite the restrictions, the number of infected in the capital continues to grow. In Moscow over the last day another 1959 infected with coronavirus were detected , in total in the capital there are already 18 105 infected.

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