The inscription "Thank you, doctors!" was lit on the facade of the Moscow hotel "Cosmos" (VIDEO)

The inscription "Thank you, doctors!" was lit on the facade of the Moscow hotel "Cosmos" (VIDEO)

30 April 2020, 14:44CityPhoto:
In gratitude to the doctors who are at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the light in the hotel Cosmos was switched on so that the windows form the phrase “Thanks you, doctors!”.

The initiators of the action, which took place on the evening of April 29, were the employees and the hotel administration.

“Exactly at 21:00, we turned on the light in the hotel rooms so that two important words appeared in order to support the doctors, and to all those who are now constantly working in hospitals,” the Cosmos message says.

According to Alexander Shvein, head of the Cosmos Hotel Group managing company, since March Cosmos has been preparing and delivering food to employees of the Medsi Clinic on Pyatnitskoye Shosse. This medical facility has been redesigned to receive patients with coronavirus infection. Other hotels in the group host doctors.

- The appearance of the inscription “Thank you to the doctors!” On the facade of the Cosmos hotel is the smallest thing that we can do more, it comes from the heart, said Schwein.

Meanwhile, in the Romanian capital Bucharest, they also decided to express gratitude to the medical staff during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Romanian way of saying “thank you” to the doctors provoked the indignation of the Orthodox Church. We are talking about posters with images of doctors in the form of saints. The metropolitan administration listened to the opinion of the church and promised to remove the drawings, although the townspeople reacted positively to the posters.

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