They were afraid of the truth: In England the footage shot by Hitchcock in the concentration camps was concealed during 70 years

They were afraid of the truth: In England the footage shot by Hitchcock in the concentration camps was concealed during 70 years
They were afraid of the truth: In England the footage shot by Hitchcock in the concentration camps was concealed during 70 years
8 May 2020, 13:35Culture
Only in 2015, the documentary film “Night Will Come”, edited from the frames of English, American and Soviet cameramen, was released.

Popular blogger and film fan Yekaterina Shirokova drew the attention of her readers to a documentary about the German concentration camps “Night Will Come”, which after 70 years was banned for showing in Europe.

“In 1945, British, Soviet and American operators filmed evidence of German war crimes. The directors Sidney Bernstein and Alfred Hitchcock then worked on the creation of the documentary film The German Concentration Camps. Why is the unfinished film put on the shelf, without showing in Europe? Only 70 years later, based on the collected materials, the film “The Night Will Come” of 2015 was released (Original title: “Night Will Fall”). Director Andre Singer.

And then, right after the war, the British decided that they needed the “inspired, stimulated on the rise” Germans. They ruled that "a demonstration of cruelty is unacceptable , " "the Germans should not be too instilled with guilt . " These were the beginnings of a future Cold War with the USSR, in which an ally was needed.

But this was not the only reason for the ban.

The film contains chronicles of British military operators from the liberated concentration camps Majdanek (Poland) and Bergen-Belsen (Germany), American operators from Buchenwald and Dachau (Germany). Films transferred by Soviet operators from the Auschwitz (Auschwitz) concentration camp in Poland were used.

What was happening inside shocked everyone. No one has ever seen anything like it before.

For example, when the Dachau concentration camp was liberated, what it saw had so much effect on American soldiers that they kill 122 captured Germans on the spot, most of whom are SS officers. Later that day, several hundred more Germans were shot. All those Americans were later acquitted, and correctly done.

The practicality shown by the Germans during the mass extermination of people is especially striking. Everything that could be used was neatly and meticulously placed in warehouses, next to residential barracks. For example, a whole warehouse with female hair in bags, everything is meticulously sorted and weighted. Or a warehouse with children's shoes. These animals even collected and stored ashes from the crematorium.

Although concentration camps were scattered everywhere, civilians “did not know” what was happening there. The documentary shows how residents of the local town of Weimer are brought through Buchenwald so that they can later testify in court. Some lose their sense of detail, others cry.

But in the neighborhood with the concentration camps there were even mountain resorts for SS officers - a monstrous contrast.

In total, more than a million people died in concentration camps. After the liberation, there were more than 100 thousand survivors deprived of their homes. The USA and Great Britain refused to grant them asylum - they had enough of their problems.

This was the second reason why a documentary about German atrocities was never shown. Having watched it, the audience would ask a legitimate question - since the Jews suffered so terribly, why can't we help them?

Therefore, Britain ordered to stop working on the film, putting everything in the archive. Much of the material, however, was used as evidence in the Nuremberg trials.

The meaning of the documentary is to show what they were fighting against then. This is a very scary movie.

Only 70 years later, the film was edited and shown at the British Film Festival. In the United States, the political agenda was different from the current one, and after the war a short version of the documentary was released, exposing the truth about Germans..."

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