Yevgeny Margulis: "Morgenstern is not a musician, and dirty language is not a song"

Yevgeny Margulis: "Morgenstern is not a musician, and dirty language is not a song"
Yevgeny Margulis: "Morgenstern is not a musician, and dirty language is not a song"
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The famous Russian musician Yevgeny Margulis, the legend of Soviet rock, became the hero of the new edition of the Legend program on the international channel RTVI.

In the interview, he, in particular, explained why he did not comment on political events, talked about his departure from the "Time Machine" and how the band members secretly found another guitarist; explained why all the glory went to Andrey Makarevich, and also said that journalism is dead and that he does not consider Morgenstern a musician.

About attitude to politics

In order to discuss politics, you need to know the material well. Geopolitics and stuff. And at least figure out what's going on. I don't have this knowledge.

But listening to smart people who really understand this is interesting to me. But since I myself am not immersed in this ... And, all the more, I am still some kind of media person, I do not comment on this and I will not comment, because, by and large, I do not understand anything about this.

Where is better? Everywhere the same shitty. Everyone is always unhappy with the authorities. Is something changing? Nothing changes. Everyone was unhappy, they will be unhappy.

The main thing is to remain a normal person.

About the beginning of a musical career

We young people thought then that we would conquer the whole world. We loved rock and roll, port and girls. D **** s we were really.

At some point, I suddenly realized that making music is much more interesting for me than doing medicine.

Life is divided into two parts: you have a hobby and a profession, first a profession, then a hobby. And here, on the contrary: a hobby began to become a profession, and medicine went into a hobby. I still know how to give injections.

On leaving the Time Machine group

Nobody kicked me out. When we decided that I was leaving, a couple of concerts that were hanging with me, they asked to finish playing.

We played two. And then there was supposed to be a concert in Kiev. 2012, I think. Nobody told me anything. I didn't even bother to react.

Then I found out that they had already hired a new guitarist. Well, to hell with him - they didn't say, and okay. Moreover, I had my own concert that day.

I don't argue with anyone, and time heals.

Yes, and it became boring. When you sit down to record, come up with songs with one of the band members, then, in principle, you already understand what word will be after this word in the verses, what chord will be after this chord, what will be the next song, what will be the next record, what will be plate through these two plates.

It gets boring. When the story of copying oneself happens, when all the songs are alike. Well, this is suicide.

About Andrei Makarevich

He can sulk at me for some phrases in an interview ... But we have not been in close contact for very many years. Previously, we talked about work and some kind of joint drinking.

And now we are talking at the birthdays of my friends, or rather, our mutual friends. And so "Hello, Andryukha, how are you?" - it has been gone for a long time.

Makar was, is and remains the most popular. Because the media culture raised it significantly higher than the rest of the participants. Here you travel, and for 15 years he led the "Smak" program.

Naturally, all the cream was for him. This is his right. I went about my business quietly and am happy with what I have done lately.

When the press begins to separate the leader from the team... Previously, the history of vocal and instrumental ensembles, where there were 200 people, “Merry Guys” - there is a name. And who plays there, what is there - very few people are interested. Because no one remembered the faces, they did not show them on TV.

And so it was always necessary to separate the leader, that there was Andrei Makarevich and the group "Time Machine". And, of course, this is already a tick to the fact that a paragraph is coming to the group.

On the possible reunion of the "Time Machine"

Well no. Maybe in some kind of jubilee concert, when the Time Machine turns 80 and we will not go crazy and will not go to the forefathers, some kind of a single exit.

And so I'm not interested with them. It's not interesting to play. Because I know everything they can write.

On the death of journalism

To be honest, journalism is dead, by and large.

These Coca-Cola and Padigry Pal children usually ask the same questions.

Therefore, I am very reluctant to agree to any interviews. I went to you because you are decent people.

About whether I would have taken Morgenstern to the "Kvartirnik at Margulis" (at-home concert - editor's note)

Well, probably not. I don't like dirty language in songs. But he is not a musician. He's so... I don't even know what to call it in music, what is it? This is not music.

I'm from the last century. I love it when the chords are beautiful, you can whistle the tune, sing well, play well. I am an Old Believer in this respect.

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