The Lord of the Rings filming moves to UK

The Lord of the Rings filming moves to UK
The Lord of the Rings filming moves to UK
13 August 2021, 20:48CulturePhoto:
The first season, which will premiere next September, was filmed in New Zealand, just like the original films. However, starting in 2022, Amazon is moving filming to the UK.

Four years ago, Amazon paid $ 250 million for the rights to shoot a series based on the works of JR Tolkien: founder Jeff Bezos wanted a grossing series like Game of Thrones. The writer's heirs hoped that the filming would be carried out in the UK - where he wrote his books. However, after reviewing bids from around the world, the company announced that it would be filming in New Zealand, where the original Peter Jackson films were filmed.

In exchange for the filming, the New Zealand government has provided Amazon with a number of tax breaks and rebates, which has already saved the company more than $ 100 million. However, Amazon Studios said yesterday that it will move work to the UK from next season, The Guardian reports. Post-production of the first season will continue until June next year in New Zealand, which will premiere on September 2, 2022. The filming has already cost Amazon $ 465 million.

The UK also offers TV series perks, which cost over $ 1 million per episode. It also has a less stringent covid restriction policy than New Zealand, which will remain closed for the rest of the year. Now, when any of the actors or members of the film crew leave the country, they have to spend 14 days in quarantine. Considering that half of the actors are from the UK, this restriction will be lifted in the new season.

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