On a par with Raphael: an exhibition of Yevgenia Vasilyeva's scribbles opened in St. Petersburg

On a par with Raphael: an exhibition of Yevgenia Vasilyeva's scribbles opened in St. Petersburg
16 March , 13:44Culture
"Paintings" of the figurant of the scandalous corruption process is exhibited at the Museum of the Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg.

An exhibition of the "artist" Yevgenia Vasilyeva, a former defendant in the Oboronservis corruption case, is opening at the Museum of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. The famous St. Petersburg journalist Gleb Stashkov called it "the main cultural event of the millennium". And I decoded:

“The website of the Museum of the Academy of Arts says“: The questions raised by the author in a kind of dialogue with the viewer are obvious: can art contribute to the victory of good and justice? Can it lead to awakening and flourishing?"

I look and don't know.

Sometimes it seems to me that Vasilyeva's art flourishes, but does not awaken. And sometimes it seems that the opposite is true: it awakens, but does not blossom.

By the way, the first on the site is the exhibition "Spring of Yevgenia Vasiliyeva", and after it - "Raphael. Versions".

Of course, it is no coincidence that these great masters are standing side by side.

The second most important exhibition presents copies of Raphael's works, which were made by students of the Academy of Arts. And if Raphael lived in our days, he would make copies of the works of the honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts Yevgenia Vasilyeva..."

In the comments, the artist (this time the real one) Yuliy Rybakov assessed the state of contemporary art in the country:

“It's not that simple. The point is not only that someone omnipotent dragged this amateur performance, but not somewhere, but into the building of the Academy of Arts (sort of like the upper level, which now becomes doubtful again), but also that the concept of "art" it has become so blurred that any demagogue and reasoner can, pointing to modern "masterpieces", ask why my art is worse? There was a radical breakdown of the concept - art, the concept of mastery moved into the sphere of other vision, paradox and arbitrary declaration of any action or object as "art". The implementation of such creativity, due to new technologies, has become available to everyone. Vasilyeva's experiments are lightweight rubbish and evidence of the degradation of the post-Soviet system, subordinate to Glazunov and the company. And the problems of real art, or of what it is being transformed into, are separate..."

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