Boris Grebenshchikov: "My life passes outside what we call the material world"

Boris Grebenshchikov: "My life passes outside what we call the material world"
Boris Grebenshchikov: "My life passes outside what we call the material world"
20 August 2021, 09:19CulturePhoto:
An interview with Boris Grebenshchikov was published on the "Normalnye Ludi" YouTube channel, in which he answers questions about his life tasks, death, love, music and attitude to money.

“Fortunately, I don’t know how to convert love (into money).

People who convert love into money have a very simple name. We all know him.

Nobody ever offered me anything. People are afraid. After all, I can send them very far away ***** ... Therefore, neither the party nor the money offer anything.

They have a sane instinct: better not.

I don't need anything from them, that's the point.

If someone gives me two million, I will take it immediately, because I have where to spend it.

And to jump like a bunny on its hind legs, excuse me ... There are many people who do it very well.

I have no colleagues. I am not their colleague.

Here is a story for you.

In New York, at a concert of the "Sounds of Mu" group in the Meath Market, in such a difficult area, warehouses. Club, plays "Sounds of Moo". And show business figures came from Moscow, all famous names, I have excellent relations with everyone.

They all greet, hug, we are talking about something, their questions all boil down to one thing: how to make money? I don’t know, I say, I’m not on this part.

I didn't go to America to make money.

A sequel to this episode #2, David Letterman asks me the same thing: how much do you get?

I answer: as long as you guys measure your music with money, your music will be boring.

...You are young while you are alive. While you're wondering. So, at least, all the classics say.

As soon as you cease to be interested in the process of life going on around you, you sign a paper stating that "I resign from the post of a living person, I ask to give my place to others". So it's fair.

And after that, people go and start a limited liability company, cigar clubs, something else, whiskey export, start doing decent business.

... It is not what they think of me that matters, but what I do. Rather, the important thing is the interaction of what I am doing with each person who perceives it. Be it a song, music, painting, whatever.

My task is to do something that will affect a person... Help a person in his life.

To make his life better, more beautiful, more interesting, whatever.

And therefore I am not in this "equation". I always compare this with how if a pharmacist works in a pharmacy, as it was called before, and he sells the medicine, he immediately does the medicine, and I need the medicine - and the life of the pharmacist, how many mistresses he has and what color he wears pants, I don’t care at all: he’s a means of delivering medical information.

Here we are with Bob Dylan - we are the delivery vehicles. As he said, I am a postman, I just deliver songs. I absolutely agree with him on this. He is one of the few smart people who understand very well what they are talking about.

...My life is completely outside of what we mostly call the material world, it is about something completely different".

The entire interview with Boris Grebenshchikov can be viewed here.

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