Sales of medicines against cold and flu showed a 15% drop during pandemic

Sales of medicines against cold and flu showed a 15% drop during pandemic
Sales of medicines against cold and flu showed a 15% drop during pandemic
2 April 2021, 12:02EconomyPhoto: лекобоз
Since January 2021, sales of cold and flu medicines in Russian pharmacies have decreased by 15%, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to Kommersant with reference to the calculations of the marketing agency DSM Group, usually in January-March there is a surge in the seasonal incidence of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, and sales of specific anti-cold drugs are growing. In 2018–2020, the demand for anti-cold drugs in winter grew up to 18% in packs and up to 7% in money. However, this year the trend has reversed.

“It turned out that sales of drugs against colds and flu fell to 60.4 billion rubles (a 15% drop), and the volume turnover fell to 290.1 million packs (a 25% drop)”, - the Dozhd TV channel reports...

The publication notes that sales of Teraflu, one of the five most popular drugs for colds, decreased by 20%, to 1.45 billion rubles.

Experts believe that the reason for the incident was the drop in the incidence of influenza and SARS. Oddly enough, the coronavirus pandemic, or rather the anti-epidemic measures that the authorities have introduced to counteract the further spread of the infection, are worth "thanks" for this. The most effective measures are considered to be the introduction of a mask regime, the cancellation of mass events and the observance of social distance.

The expanded vaccination program of the population made no less contribution to the fall in the seasonal incidence of influenza. If last season 67 million Russians were vaccinated against the flu, then by the beginning of this year there were already 85.9 million.

In addition, on January 18, Russia began mass vaccination of the country's residents against coronavirus with the Sputnik V vaccine. Since April 1, the second domestic vaccine - "EpiVacCorona" from the "Vector" center, has entered the civil circulation, and in the coming weeks the third drug - the "CoviVac" vaccine from the Chumakov center is expected to arrive.

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