The cheapest UAZ costs more than the latest Toyota RAV4 in Japan

The cheapest UAZ costs more than the latest Toyota RAV4 in Japan
The cheapest UAZ costs more than the latest Toyota RAV4 in Japan
9 June, 17:52EconomyPhoto: Соцсети
Russian dealers offer UAZ off-road vehicles at a price for which you can buy the latest generation off-road vehicle in Japan.

Novye Izvestia has already reported that as a result of anti-Russian sanctions, imported cars in our country have become much more expensive than in any other country in the world, including in such a traditionally “expensive” country as Japan. However, as it turned out, this applies not only to foreign models, but also to the “good old” domestic ones. This seemingly incredible fact was noted in his publication by the Russian scientist Vladimir Belousov, who has long lived in Japan:

"Wow! How far behind I am!

I went to the Toyota salon to look after the machine.

I really liked the latest generation RAV4 HYBRID X (pictured).

Packed to the roof with state-of-the-art security and control technologies.

Consumption — less than 5 liters per hundred!

Very beautiful exterior, incredibly comfortable five-seat interior.


Signed up for a test drive and pochapal home.

A couple of hours of watching auto reviews on the Internet flew like a couple of minutes. From every crack crawled the most enthusiastic videos of various experts from around the world, who, with a light heart, scattered laudatory epithets about this car. I understand the delight, the machine deserved.

Model 2022, fifth generation. Sounds like the name of a jet fighter.

I got up to pour some coffee.

I returned to the computer, stirring the aromatic drink with a spoon, watching another video of some bearded men from the USA, who echo the Europeans and call the RAV 4 one of the best compact SUVs in the world and sing other similar songs.

At some point, it clicked in my mind that the price was not so horse as it seemed in the showroom, and fully corresponds to the level of this miracle of automotive technology of the 21st century.

$26,095 is how much I will have to pay for this world bestseller (this is the final price, already with tax, insurance, pre-sales and all other goodies and expenses) and there will still be heaps of all sorts of bonuses, free services, all kinds of services and all sorts of things a couple of years ahead.

And then I decided to look, and how many UAZs I could buy for this money.

I went to the website of a UAZ dealer in Russia and realized that I had been a little bit confused with such thoughts.

It turned out that for this money in 2022 I could afford only one, the youngest in the lineup, UAZ - UAZ Hunter in the minimum configuration, which costs from $ 23,250.


This OT prefix puzzled me a lot, and I looked at the options that this UAZ was moved to the DO position, and realized that this was not the RAV 4 category, but the latest Toyota Land Cruiser models, the major league.

I looked at the UAZ again, presented the size of the subsequent guaranteed cash investments in the first year of operation, felt the depth of my poverty to the ends of my hair and closed this site.

A clear understanding came that I only have enough money to live in Japan.

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