The federal budget surplus amounted to 800 billion rubles

The federal budget surplus amounted to 800 billion rubles
The federal budget surplus amounted to 800 billion rubles
11 May, 10:51EconomyPhoto: 1MI
In the first four months of this year, it amounted to 800 billion rubles, the amount of income - 9.7 trillion rubles, expenses - 8.9 trillion.

As follows from the data of the Electronic Budget portal, which was analyzed by Izvestia, the treasury received 7.7 trillion rubles of taxes and fees, more than 2 trillion rubles of non-tax revenues. Gratuitous receipts amounted to 25.4 billion rubles.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the parameters of the federal budget for the next three years are being worked out.

"It is premature to talk about specific data. As of April 1, the execution of the federal budget is in line with the cash plan, which, based on the results of the first quarter, provided for a surplus of the federal budget", - the ministry noted.

According to the chief analyst of the PSB Denis Popov, in the coming quarters the surplus will be replaced by a budget deficit. The development of the crisis will lead to a gradual narrowing of non-oil and gas budget revenues. At the same time, the anti-crisis measures of the Russian government will lead to an increase in the expenditure side of the budget.

Earlier, economist Dmitry Prokofiev pointed out that the surplus of the balance of payments in Russia is not evidence of "the financial stability of the system, which allows more production than consumption...", as the Russian media write. He drew attention to the fact that the “record surplus” in this case only indicates that the foreign exchange earnings that came to the accounts of Russian exporters in exchange for “natural resources” (primarily oil and gas) were NOT spent on the purchase of imported goods and services, i.e. to ensure the consumption of people employed in the economy of the Russian Federation.

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