Ministry of Industry and Trade: production of the sanitizers in Russia has grown six times

Ministry of Industry and Trade: production of the sanitizers in Russia has grown six times
Ministry of Industry and Trade: production of the sanitizers in Russia has grown six times
13 April 2020, 18:31Economy
Perfume and cosmetics companies are already involved in the manufacture of skin antiseptics.

It seems that soon the deficit of the most necessary anti-virus protection tools in Russia will be reduced, if not overcome. Here, for example, that according to the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade with reference to the words of Deputy Minister Mikhail Ivanov, there is a release of sanitizers:

“Under current conditions, skin antiseptics based on isopropyl and ethyl alcohol have become unprecedented in demand by medical organizations and consumers of products. Understanding this situation, we literally mobilized domestic industry, Russian manufacturers have already increased production capacities several times , which allows us to increase supplies. So, at the beginning of March, the volume of production amounted to about 45 thousand liters per day. Today we have increased this volume by 6 times ... ".

Moreover, we are ready to start production of antiseptics and companies of related profiles, including manufacturers of perfumes and cosmetics:

“For example, Faberlic has already reoriented part of its production facilities for the production of disinfectants and hygiene products in the amount of 1.5 million packages per week - this is 6 million per month. Other perfumery and cosmetic manufacturers also indicated their interest in organizing the production of skin antiseptics, these are 7 more companies, many have already established production. If before the pandemic about 10 large Russian companies produced and supplied antiseptics to the domestic market, today there are already over 60 such companies. In total, they produce almost 300 thousand liters of antiseptics per day. A quarter of this volume is accounted for by antiseptic agents that our perfumery and cosmetic companies produce. ”

At the same time, Rospotrebnadzor is quickly working on the registration of new antiseptics, as well as reducing procedural, time and financial costs for manufacturers of antiseptic and disinfectants.

According to Ivanov, the main task of the measures taken to increase the production of antiseptics is to maintain the rhythm of deliveries, primarily to medical institutions:

“Such deliveries are made under long-term contracts that are independent of the epidemiological situation, season, or any other factors. With regard to the provision of retail and pharmacy chains, we were able to coordinate the work of manufacturers and dealer networks in such a way as to ensure a positive increase in the dynamics of replenishment of stocks, primarily in pharmacies. Roszdravnadzor helps us in this by providing daily statistics on the stock balances of antiseptics in pharmacy chains and medical facilities. In the latter, the level of stocks is quite confident, and in pharmacy chains we were able to increase it by 1 million units over the past week”.

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