A product of special importance: why Russia has a shortage of sugar

A product of special importance: why Russia has a shortage of sugar
A product of special importance: why Russia has a shortage of sugar
18 March, 13:55EconomyPhoto: Соцсети
Buying large quantities of sugar in stores, Russians stock up on one of the most energy-intensive foodstuffs.

The problem of sugar deficiency has been discussed on social networks for several days, colorfully describing what they saw in stores. For example, like this:

“In my favorite nearby market yesterday, a grocery clerk:

"Where, where do they need so much sugar? They come running with crazy eyes - "Is there sugar?". No sugar, the third day is gone! But what will they do with it? I tell them: sugar is our product! He will be, where will he go... They don’t believe!”

An interesting version that explains this situation very well was put forward in his publication by analyst Boris Myshlyavtsev:

“The availability of sugar in retail and its prices in Russia have nothing to do with the actual amount of sugar.

It is a social indicator, an indicator of anxiety.

You can fight the rise in prices - the result is a shortage. You can confiscate sugar from warehouses - the result is an even greater shortage and an increase in black market prices.

Buying sugar by citizens is not stupid at all. This is a historical experience. Those who had sugar survived the Blockade. Sugar and oil are the two most energy-intensive and easily stored compact food substances. It is logical when soldering 125 grams of bread, the preferential survival of those who have at least 2 kg of sugar for a month ... "

It is known that the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation announced that there is no shortage of sugar in Russia. Paradoxically, this statement does not at all negate the fact that there is a shortage in stores. Why? Answering this question, the author gives a vivid example from the history of Russia, connected precisely with the shortage of sugar in a similar socio-political situation:

“In 1916, sugar began to disappear from free sale in the Russian Empire.

The newspapers said that "there are no reasons for the deficit, we fully provide ourselves with sugar, grain, butter - unlike Germany".

However, Sugar did not read newspapers and continued to disappear.

Fixed prices were set for sugar, but entrepreneurs ignored them.

Huge fortunes were made on the resale of sugar.

Physical sugar could stand unloaded at the stations for months, while "futures" for it were bought and sold briskly.

Never before has Russian big business made money so easily as on the eve of 1917!

Sugar appeared on the free market about 10 years later. And - not so long..."

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