The first flights flew from Russia to Turkey 100% loaded

The first flights flew from Russia to Turkey 100% loaded
The first flights flew from Russia to Turkey 100% loaded
23 June 2021, 09:39Economy
After the resumption of flights with Turkey, tour operators report about 100% loading of the first flights that left for this country. The first flights were registered, including those Russians, whose flights were canceled after the restriction of air traffic with this country.

"About 50% of tourists on planes are those whose tours were postponed due to air traffic restrictions," the head of the public relations department of the tour operator Coral Travel told Interfax. Marina Makarkova.

The information was confirmed by TEZ Tour. IN "Intourist" that the rush demand for the first flights is due to the fact that the Russians, whose tours broke down in the period from mid-April to mid-June, while Turkey was closed, rushed to rebook package tours for new dates. Those who rebooked previously purchased tours on the coast of Crimea and Krasnodar Territory accounted for only 1%, the company noted.

Recall that air traffic with Turkey was limited against the background of an increase in the number of cases in this country in mid-April. On June 22, the restrictions were lifted. Charter flights to Turkey from June 22 began to fly from 32 Russian cities.

The Association of Tour Operators ( ATOR ) expects that after the restoration of air communication with Turkey, over three million Russians will be able to visit the country this summer. "This figure also includes those tourists who could not fly to Turkey in the second half of April - in June of this year," ATOR noted, adding that the high season of this year could last until the end of October, if the weather and prices for tours will be good.

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