He moved to Crimea and went into bankruptcy... The state takes away land and a house from a cheese maker

He moved to Crimea and went into bankruptcy... The state takes away land and a house from a cheese maker
26 February , 15:06Economy
The piece of land, which the businessman bought with all his savings, "unexpectedly" turned out to be someone else's property.

Businessman Oleg Sirota, who became famous for responding to Western sanctions with a concrete deed - began to produce cheese, published in his blog the story of his not so successful colleague. He, having sold his property in Moscow five years ago, bought land in Crimea, received a grant and began to produce cheese. But it was not there...

Here is what Sirota writes:

“Our colleague, cheese farmer, father of many children, Denis Vanzh, from Crimea, is in big trouble. A person can lose the work of his life and the only shelter over his head.

In 2016, he moved to raise Crimea, sold all his property in Moscow, bought land, began to cultivate it, built a sheep farm and a Feodoro cheese dairy, received a grant, began to develop, came to our festival with his products, things were going uphill.

But recently, the Ministry of Property and Land Relations of the Republic of Crimea filed a lawsuit against him and a number of farmers to alienate the land. They ask the court to seize and seize the land in favor of the state. The bottom line is that the previous owner took it in Ukraine for perpetual use, when Crimea became Russian, he re-registered it as his property. The ministry then approved the receipt of the property, the sale was also agreed.

Now they recognized this site as controversial and dragged the farmer to court - to take away his land and it turns out that, in fact, due to banal bureaucracy, Crimea will lose a good promising farm, the farmer will lose an enterprise in which he has invested all his funds, and his large family will lose a roof over his head. ...Now, in fact, the farmer and the family live on the farm, they sold the city apartment in order to invest all the money in development. And here is the trouble.

The local Ministry of Agriculture as a whole supports the farmer - the person works honestly and produces cheese, but the Ministry of Property does not give any comments - go, they say, to the court. Although we are sure that there are a lot of solutions - you just need to work out.

Such a precedent can discourage people from all desire to move to Crimea and work. In our farming community, this topic is very actively discussed: a person believed in the appeal of the Motherland, sold everything, moved with his family, and there it turns out like that! We must help him!

I sent an official letter to Sergei Aksenov, head of the Republic of Crimea, with a request to take control of the situation, put the parties at the negotiating table, and find a solution to the problem. There, if something needs to be put in order in accordance with the law, the farmer is ready to do it, he even agrees to unlimited use, lease, the main thing is to save the farm and not ruin the family.

I also turned to the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Alexey Gordeyev with a request to support the appeal. But the court is already on March 2, and the official letters may not reach..."


As one of the commentators of this post noted, “This is not “banal bureaucracy” at all! A worked out illegal scheme, and the farmer, instead of checking and rechecking, took and bought, so naive. Of course, you need to connect and ring the bells. But as long as there are people like this farmer, they profited from them and rogues will profit, unfortunately..."

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