Moscow region launches its own renovation program

Moscow region launches its own renovation program
Moscow region launches its own renovation program
27 April 2021, 18:15EconomyPhoto:
The Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov announced the launch of a housing renovation program in the region. They promised to conduct "explanatory work" with the residents.

According to Vorobyov, the authorities in the near future intend to begin the liquidation of dilapidated housing and to solve the problem of defrauded equity holders.

“Another topic that should be raised today is renovation. Thanks to the decisions made at the federal level, we can embark on a large program, as a result of which a huge number of people will live in modern comfortable conditions, "Vorobyov is quoted as saying by TASS.

According to the governor, on the territory of the region there are such dilapidated houses in which “it is not permissible to live in the 21st century”.

“The renovation program will involve the replacement of such housing with a modern one”, - Vorobyov said.

In the near future, officials in the Moscow region will begin to carry out explanatory work with residents on the renovation program announced by the governor.

In addition, Vorobyov promised to solve the problem of defrauded equity holders by the end of 2023. Until the end of this year, 20,000 families will receive keys to apartments in new buildings, and 6,000 have already received them.

According to the authorities, the problems of equity holders will be resolved within the framework of the program for the integrated development of territories, which will begin to operate throughout the country.

“Including it will be carried out on the territory of the Moscow region. We know perfectly well that besides the fact that we are solving the problems of equity holders, it is also necessary to solve the problems associated with improving the living conditions of those who live in dilapidated and dilapidated housing”, - said Minister of Housing Policy of the Moscow Region Inna Fedotova.

The first region where the renovation program started was Moscow. As part of the program, residents of old and dilapidated houses were offered housing in new buildings. However, the implementation of the program did not go without serious problems : the quality of the housing being built turned out to be unacceptable for many new settlers. They declared that it was impossible to live in the "human beings" provided to them.

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