Question of the day: why policemen did not want to take shooter Bardanov from Mytishchi alive?

Question of the day: why policemen did not want to take shooter Bardanov from Mytishchi alive?
1 April , 16:28Incidents
Storming the house of Vladimir Bardanov could well have taken him alive, but they preferred to kill him.

Network analyst Oleg Borovsky sums up the first results of the storming of the residence of the 61-year-old Mytishchi shooter Vladimir Bardanov. He, as you know, was not a poor man, lived in an expensive house in an elite village near Moscow, ran a business, and was a master of weapons. The police came to him just to check the registration of weapons, and besides, because of a debt of 150,000 rubles, which in itself is ridiculous in this situation. And the head of several security firms probably kept the weapons legally...

In general, he could calmly, in Russian, “negotiate” with the security forces to mutual pleasure, but for some reason he did not do this, but began shooting and throwing grenades, and held the defense for more than seven hours. He died without giving up.

This is where inconsistencies appear. First, the security forces could safely take him alive (or wounded), using both flash and gas ammunition. Moreover, Bardanov's fierce resistance is clearly no coincidence. But neither he stopped, nor the security forces - they did not even try.

And secondly, if he was so good at weapons and resisted so stubbornly, why did he injure only one person and not kill anyone? Is that how scumbags fight?

All this leads to the suspicion that they did not want to take him alive, he knew too much and could tell. His bitterness is explained by the fact that he knew very well: no one needs him alive, he will be killed in any case. He knew that this was a deadly battle, but at the same time he did not want to kill anyone at all, but only to draw close attention of the media and social networks to this assault in order to surrender and live to see the trial.

It didn't work out. They killed and no one will know anything now. But against the background of mass arrests of various high-ranking officials and tycoons, the Bardanov case undoubtedly deserves attention. Moreover, these officials prefer to keep money at dachas money in boxes...

Probably, the shooter knew something like that, about some kind of wars in the echelons of power in an era when, due to sanctions, the habitual diet of power thieves decreased, and it began to devour each other ... Most likely, it is so...

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