The car drove into the oncoming lane led to a massive traffic accident in the center of Moscow

The car drove into the oncoming lane led to a massive traffic accident in the center of Moscow
1 April , 18:55IncidentsPhoto: НТВ
According to the Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate, the departure of one of the cars into the oncoming lane on Smolenskaya Square in the center of Moscow caused a massive traffic accident.

"According to preliminary data, the driver of one of the cars at 11:40 made an exit on the opposite side of the traffic, where he collided with four cars", - the Moscow State Traffic Safety Inspectorate told TASS.

The incident took place in the area of the historic house 13/21 on Smolenskaya Square when leaving the tunnel on the outside of the Garden Ring. Earlier, a TASS source said that a man was caught in one of the cars, whom they are trying to extract, and the movement is significantly hampered. Later, the injured woman was taken to intensive care. It was also reported that the famous video blogger Edward Beale (pictured on the left) was driving an Audi RS6 that drove into the oncoming lane.

A sports car Audi RS6 worth about 10 million rubles, complete with an engine of 600 horsepower, accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.6 seconds. The power of the engine involved in the accident was 840 l / s. The blogger himself in one of the video demonstrations called the RS6 "very dangerous". The auto lawyer of the Public movement of motorists "Freedom of choice", lawyer Sergei Radko noted that such a car has "just crazy power", when you press the gas pedal, the car gives out "crazy acceleration". Therefore, to control such a car, certain skills are required.

“In order to cope with such a car, you need to have a very large experience in driving a special car, and not just a category B certificate and some driving experience. It is quite possible that the driver could not cope with such power and, as a result, lost control and this accident happened”, - Radko said in an interview with Sputnik radio.

The expert also added that at the moment of acceleration, the car may lose control, especially on a slippery road, as it is now. In this regard, he suggested thinking about introducing some subcategories of vehicles, based on the power of the car's engine.

The perpetrator of the accident, according to Radko, faces from two to five years in prison.

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