Investigators did not find the customer of the case against Ivan Golunov

Investigators did not find the customer of the case against Ivan Golunov

4 August , 15:58IncidentsPhoto:
Investigators could not find the customer of the criminal case against journalist Ivan Golunov, who was accused of selling drugs.

The previously released journalist asked not only to punish the police officers who planted drugs on him and falsified evidence in his case, but also those who ordered this criminal case against him. Golunov connects criminal prosecution with his journalistic activities.

“The final charge brought against the former policeman does not include another person as the customer. This version was worked out during the investigation of the criminal case”, - Interfax writes, citing a source.

The motive for which the police committed these crimes, the investigators consider career advancement, as well as selfish motives.

We will remind, Golunov was detained in June last year on suspicion of selling drugs. His case received a wide public response, the Russians went out to mass protests in support of him, demanding to stop planting drugs on people. Golunov was released.

In January of this year, the journalist was recognized as a victim. Criminal cases were opened against the police officers who were involved in the arrest of Golunov. Now the police officers themselves, as well as their leader Igor Lyakhovets, are accused of abuse of office, falsifying evidence and drug trafficking.

Lyakhovets himself recently announced that he would seek to reopen the case against Golunov. In his opinion, the journalist was arrested with good reason, but the case was closed under pressure from the media and the public. With such a statement, he intends to apply to the Prosecutor General's Office. Golunov himself also intends to sue the police who illegally arrested him. The journalist plans to ask for compensation of five million rubles , which he promises to spend on charity.

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