Eight Russian women detained for a nude photo shoot in Dubai

Eight Russian women detained for a nude photo shoot in Dubai
5 April , 17:03IncidentsPhoto: youtube.com
Russian fashion models were caught by the police after a candid photo shoot in the resort area of Dubai Marina. In total, 40 people were arrested for participating in the "depraved filming".

Russian citizens detained in Dubai turned to the Consulate General for help after local authorities suspected them of indecent behavior.

The reason for the mass arrest was a video about a photo session on a transparent balcony of a skyscraper, which got into the social network, the heroines of which were naked girls posing for a photographer. Thousands of people witnessed the scandalous nude photo session for the Arab world. The police reacted to the violation instantly.

“They turned to the Consulate General for help, but it’s difficult to do anything here, the article is quite serious - for participating in lecherous actions”, - RIA Novosti quotes a representative of the Russian Consulate General in the UAE.

According to the authorities, the punishment for taking part in obscene photography by Arab standards can be very harsh: the models face up to six months in prison, and the organizer of the filming - up to one and a half years in prison. In addition to imprisonment, those arrested face large fines - from 5,000 to 50,000 dirhams (from 100 thousand to a million rubles, respectively).

Representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission believe that the detainees may connect their hope for leniency with the onset of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, in honor of the beginning of which the authorities may decide to pardon those arrested.

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