"Animals are treated more humanely": how the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the MPSC left children to freeze on the street

"Animals are treated more humanely": how the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the MPSC left children to freeze on the street
6 April , 12:02Incidents
Instead of helping a mother with young children get into her closed apartment, the MPSC (Multifunctional Public Services Center) staff advised to “hand them over to the “monkey house”.

Sometimes a simple everyday story raises large-scale questions. For example, why in Moscow to maintain a mass of structures of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, long ago turned into dodgy enterprises, if Muscovites who find themselves in an extraordinary situation are rescued by volunteers, and they do it much better than the state? Izmailovo municipal deputy Nadezhda Zagordan found herself in a situation where the official rescuers were powerless to help the freezing family and left a mother with two children on the street. And all that was necessary was to open the locked door...

“Yesterday there was an emergency situation in the Izmailovo area. A mother with two children (girls of 5 and 9 years old) left for a walk at 10 am, and when she returned at 2:30 pm, she found that the children's father had changed the locks in the apartment, turned off the phone and left in an unknown direction. The girls' parents are divorced, but live together, the girls are registered in Izmailovo, go to the Izmailovo school. In the morning, nothing foreshadowed such a development of events, and the mother did not have any documents with her, a charger for the phone, money and a supply of food and water. The mother also has no relatives in the area.

In a state of shock, my mother called me and then for 6 hours I gained invaluable experience of communicating with various services, which once again proved that the state does not care about young children, and no one will lift a finger until the children get frostbite on the street.

So, at the MPSC Izmailovo, we asked for a certificate that the children were registered at their address. At 17.10, having arrived at the apartment, we began to call 112 and ask the rescuers to come, open the door and the children and their mother could be at home. Operators 294, 166 refused us, and I asked to connect with the management. Operator 146 answered the phone and explained that rescuers only open doors if someone feels bad and needs help. The argument that the children are bad on the street, they are freezing, was commented to her as follows: if the children are really bad, then she will call the children an ambulance. After a lengthy conversation, 146 stated that they would come if the police were on the spot.

The case got off the ground, and we went to write a statement to the Izmailovo OVD and persuade the police to drive up to the apartment. After short negotiations, the order was given to the officer on duty at the OVD and the police captain E. Oskolkov left with us to the scene (here we must thank our Izmailovo OVD for an adequate response).

Calling 112 rescuers again at 19.30 next to the policeman, I already imagined that the children and the mother, who were in deep stress, would soon find the children at home, but that was not the case.

The 118th operator replied that they did not see that someone was in danger, so no one would come. She asked me to connect to the 146 operator - she herself said that the police were required. 146 the operator said that there is a police or not, now she is not interested and they will not leave. She offered to send the young children to the police to get warm there. I timidly asked where to put the children in the police, is it in the monkey house? After 146, she announced that the district administration should place the children somewhere. When asked what the government has to do with the incident, there was another proposal to call the management company, since when an accident occurs and the crane breaks through, the emergency service is called. Further, it was proposed to contact the social service (there was no answer to the question of what kind of answer). At the same time, 3 times 146 the operator asked to give the phone to the policeman and wrote down his data, after which he reported that the rescuers refused to leave. Realizing that the 146 operator was simply mocking the mother and the children who were left on the street in the frosty conditions without a livelihood, I asked her to give me the phone number of a higher organization and to my surprise, 146 immediately gave me the helpline of the Ministry of Emergency Situations 495 637 22 22.

On the phone, I got through right away and recounted what had happened for about 5 minutes, but then another surprise happened: at the other end of the line, the woman's voice answered me with a mockery that she was aware of the whole situation, because operator 146 is on the wire again.

It turned out that in the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Moscow, the functions of the trust service are performed by the same operators who answer calls via 112. That is, if you want to complain, then you will complain the same person you want to complain to. And why then does the Emergencies Ministry write that there is some kind of trust service?

At 20.30, realizing that the mother and children would be left on the street for the night, I told the cameraman 146 that the municipal deputy Izmalyovo (introduced herself) was talking to her, and not the mother herself, who, in a state of shock, could not say at all that all conversations had been recorded , and tomorrow the Ministry of Emergency Situations may wait for a crowd of media, which I personally will bring to its superiors after calling an ambulance for young children and their mother. Unexpectedly, 146 the operator told that there was a SPSS "SpasReserve" and she would call them, but they would cut the door off its hinges, and the children and their mother would spend the night in an apartment without a door, and in general it was not known when people from this organization would arrive.

I and the tear-stained children and their mother prepared to wait for the night at the entrance of the detachment's arrival, which can only cut down the whole door.

Less than 10 minutes later, a brigade of young people with equipment from the SpasRezerv SPSO drove up to the entrance and they neatly cut the doors as promised by the operator, 146 broke the new lock and opened the door. Spasrezerv is a detachment of volunteers who really help people, do it professionally and quickly, for which many thanks to them! Their phone number is 495 676 02 06.

And what is the conclusion after all this?

Even kittens and puppies are treated more humanely in our country than a woman with children who finds herself on the street without documents and means of subsistence. And this despite the fact that the children and the mother have a Moscow residence permit, they were born in Moscow and they are citizens of the Russian Federation. There is simply nowhere to go. Everybody plays football. If in such a situation there are no acquaintances with at least some publicity, then you will have to wait until frostbite sets in so that you can call an ambulance.

The leadership of EMERCOM of Russia just needs to understand this situation, because I'm afraid these things happen on a regular basis, and you, the management, simply have no one to tell you about how your operators work. In my opinion, the 146 operator, who is also the boss, has a sadistic tendency. I believe that such people simply do not have the right to work in the Ministry of Emergencies and communicate with people in trouble.

For my part, I am ready to meet with the leadership of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, to organize a negotiation process with the participation of deputies of different levels, if suddenly there are any difficulties of a legal nature, to provide comprehensive support so that more such things do not happen..."

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