One more tanker has problems in the Suez Canal

One more tanker has problems in the Suez Canal
6 April , 16:58IncidentsPhoto: AFP
Vessel traffic on the Suez Canal has slowed again due to problems with the oil tanker M/T Rumford.

According to Al Arabiya, traffic in the Suez Canal slowed down on April 6. The cause was a problem with the engine of an oil tanker in the southern part of the canal.

“Three tugboats came to provide aid to the vessel”, - notes Interfax.

After some time, the tanker resumed its movement to the north. Now the problem tanker has managed to reach Bolshoy Gorky Lake, which connects parts of the canal. The tanker moves independently, surrounded by several tugs, while its speed is low.

The Suez Canal made headlines after the giant container ship Ever Given ran aground on the canal on 23 March.

For almost a week, he completely blocked the movement of other ships along the canal. The giant congestion has sparked panic in the oil and logistics markets, leading to higher freight prices and huge financial losses due to the forced downtime of hundreds of ships.

Some of them, desperate to wait for the unblocking of the channel, were forced to change the previously planned routes and go around the African continent.

The damage from blocking the channel was estimated at $ 1 billion.

On March 29, Ever Given was freed from the shallows, and tanker movement along the canal resumed.

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