In Orenburg, stray dogs attacked a child

In Orenburg, stray dogs attacked a child
In Orenburg, stray dogs attacked a child
14 February, 09:37IncidentsPhoto: 1MI
Another case of attack by stray dogs occurred in the country: this time the pack bit a 13-year-old girl in Orenburg. The Investigative Committee for the region opened a criminal case on negligence.

The investigators found out that the officials of the housing and communal services department of the Orenburg administration did not organize the work on catching, transporting and keeping stray animals, despite the fact that the situation in the city is unfavorable.

The daughter was screaming and asking for help. But none of the passers-by helped. In the emergency room, we were told that we were already the third victims of fangs of stray animals in the area of school No. 56 today, the mother of the victim told the Rise newspaper.

Since the end of last year, attacks by stray dogs have become more frequent in the country. So, at the end of December, 53-year-old Sardana Sleptsova, a teacher in Yakutsk, died of wounds received during an attack by stray dogs. In February, she was posthumously awarded the Order of Glory and Majesty of the NEFU.

On February 10, investigators opened a criminal negligence case after the death of a woman bitten by stray dogs in Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl Region.

The government press service announced its intention to allocate 100 million rubles from the budget for trapping stray animals and equipping shelters. A decision on this matter will be made on March 4. Prior to this, it was planned to allocate 60 million rubles from the budget.

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