Police in Bashkiria detained the protesting orphans

Police in Bashkiria detained the protesting orphans
Police in Bashkiria detained the protesting orphans
15 July 2020, 14:48IncidentsPhoto: mkset.ru
Police in Bashkiria detained two orphans who went on a picket with a request to the authorities to provide them with the promised housing. The authorities threatened the girls that now they will never receive apartments from the state.

On pickets with posters “Help the homeless orphans of Blagoveshchensk (city in the republic - ed.)” 21-year-old Liana Agmazova and 23-year-old Nazifa Zaynullina went to the building of the local administration. The girls stood with posters for about forty minutes, after which they were detained by police. They managed to talk with the mayor of the city and his deputy. “The deputy head said that if we continue to organize pickets, we won’t get anything at all. He called me a hooligan, adding that we went out of picket motives for a picket”, - writes mkset with reference to the words of Liana Agmazova.

The deputy head of the district, Ilshat Davlyatyanov, commented on the publication that orphans receive apartments in turn. “We cannot push someone on the list forward, someone back. As soon as the budget receives funds for apartments for orphans, real estate is acquired and provided to orphans in turn”, - he said.

The police detained the girls for several hours, despite the fact that one of them, Nazifa, was pregnant. Liana was accused of organizing an unauthorized rally. Now she faces a fine of up to 20 thousand rubles. For a girl who does not have a permanent job, 20 thousand is a lot of money.

The publication notes that in the region this is not the first protest of protesting orphans who did not wait for the apartments promised by law. Earlier, Natalya Zyryanova went to a single picket in Ufa. Without her own housing, she is forced to huddle in a bath with her friends with two sons. She knelt in front of the House of the Republic, after which she was promised to provide housing in September this year.

The publication notes that about three thousand orphans are expecting housing in the republic. To get the promised apartment, they are forced to stand in line from three to seven years.

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