Four people died saving a girl from a whirlpool in Transbaikalia

Four people died saving a girl from a whirlpool in Transbaikalia

16 June 2020, 16:53IncidentsPhoto:
On June 15, the family was resting on the bank of the Onon River, near the village of Nizhny Tsasuchey. At about five o’clock in the evening, a girl of 15 years old while swimming fell into a whirlpool. Adults rushed to help her. Three fishermen joined them.

The girl was dragged out, but four her saviors drowned - a 45-year-old woman and men 41, 58 and 60 years old.

The two dead men were the relatives of a rescued teenager.

The bodies of the dead men were raised from the water immediately. EMERCOM rescuers found the woman’s body the next day.

Now the girl is in the district hospital. Her health is not in danger.

Readers of the portal in the comments note that among the dead there are a married couple, as well as a father and son. They clarify that in the first family two sons were left orphans, and in the second a five-year-old boy lost a father and a brother.

The YoungDalnevostochnik.RF reports that people regularly drown in Onon river, and the last tragic incident occurred just a week ago. Moreover, in Transbaikalia this is the third case of death on water during last two weeks.

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