A resident of Yakutsk miraculously escaped from a pack of stray dogs (VIDEO)

A resident of Yakutsk miraculously escaped from a pack of stray dogs (VIDEO)
A resident of Yakutsk miraculously escaped from a pack of stray dogs (VIDEO)
30 November 2021, 23:09IncidentsPhoto: sakhaday.ru
The prosecutor's office in Yakutsk has begun an investigation into the attack of a pack of stray dogs on a passer-by in Yakutia. A video of the attack of aggressive dogs on a resident of Yakutsk, made from the window of a neighboring house, appeared on social networks.

According to the TV channel Ren TV , the incident occurred in the area of the city hippodrome.

“Telegram channel YKT.TOP published a video sent by readers. It captures how a girl fights off a pack of stray dogs, which knock her to the ground, tearing her hem. She bravely fights back with a bag, gets up, defends herself from the dog tearing her clothes”, - writes “Sakha Life”.

Immediately after the video of the attack by a pack of nine dogs appeared on the Internet, city officials sent a team to capture animals into the dangerous area.

"During the inspection, the prosecutor's office will assess the security of the life and health of citizens, the completeness of the measures for the capture and maintenance of neglected animals by authorized persons", - the prosecutor's office said.

The auditors have to find out where the pack of stray dogs came from at the hippodrome, and whether they were not released from the overexposure point.

Earlier in Yakutia, dogs attacked a little girl and almost bit her to death. They tore the child's face and bitten his hands. The bloody baby was miraculously rescued by passers-by who had beaten the child away from aggressive animals. Similar incidents occurred in Bashkiria and Tuva, where a woman and a four - year-old boy were attacked.

In November, the industrial zone in the city of Langepas KhMAO in dogs attacked a woman and her death bitten . As the husband of the deceased noted, she passed this road every day. The results of the medical examination showed that the victim struggled with all his might, but was unable to escape. When she was taken to the hospital, there was no living space on her, and the woman fell into a coma. For six hours, doctors fought for her life, but the woman died without regaining consciousness. The RF IC opened a case on the fact of her death.

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