They are resurrected! Terrorists allegedly killed in Syria showed up in Karabakh

They are resurrected! Terrorists allegedly killed in Syria showed up in Karabakh
They are resurrected! Terrorists allegedly killed in Syria showed up in Karabakh
1 October 2020, 14:38Politics
Despite the next Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation statement that the terrorist organizations in Syria were liquidated, the fighters of these organizations are safely moving to the new places of hostilities.

Another absurdity in the statements of Russian officials was revealed by the publicist Anatoly Nesmiyan:

“The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow is concerned about reports of the transfer of militants of illegal armed groups, in particular, from Syria and Libya, to the zone of the Karabakh conflict.

In some ways, this all strongly resembles the reaction of the Russian authorities to the poisoning of Navalny. There was no poisoning, the poison was not a Novice, the Novice is produced in NATO countries, we destroyed our Novice strictly in accordance with international obligations, while we never developed or produced it. Various officials reported diametrically opposed official data and made no less official reports.

So it is here. Shoigu did not have time to report that the terrorists were finally defeated in Syria (for the fourth time, and now it is for sure), as it turns out that the terrorists are arriving from Syria to the Karabakh conflict zone. Either the Russian Foreign Ministry does not read the Russian press at all, including the industry media, or when they were distributing logic, they flew to Argentina on a special board of the Rossiya squadron. It was not up to her.

By the way, I wonder if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (and at the same time the Ministry of Defense) is aware that among the foreign fighters fighting in Syria against Assad, the fourth largest number (plus or minus one at different times) was occupied by Azerbaijani fighters? Despite the fact that in Azerbaijan they adhere to a predominantly Shiite version of Islam, the Sunni community is significantly more radical, which, in general, is not surprising in dictatorships - for any reason, minorities in such societies always have very few social ladders, and they make their way along those which remain. However, in the issue of the Armenian-Azerbaijani confrontation, religious differences are moving aside, the national factor is moving forward.

Well, and besides, there is a specificity of the current moment.

...Terrorism is a social reaction to the breakdown of mechanisms for resolving social contradictions. One of the reactions, to be exact. Therefore, terrorism in dysfunctional societies will always be a risk factor. The cynicism of the authorities, which creates a thoroughly false thesis about "the struggle on the distant approaches" without solving the internal problem that is the cause of terrorism, ultimately turns into an accumulation of trained and motivated people who are unable and unwilling to do anything but war ... They turn into gangs roaming the regions, willingly or hired to engage in any conflicts. By the way, Russia is no exception - the Russian government is actively using its own terrorists, which it has assembled in "ichtamnet" detachments, acting exactly the same as any other terrorist group, but for hire. Modern privateers, albeit without a patent.

However, a significant part of modern "terrorists" are also pirates of the 21st century for hire. During the events of the Arab Spring, the idealists, who made up the backbone of the groups that can be called the national liberation movements of the new era, were gradually knocked out, and these movements were defeated, including the ISIL * banned in the Russian Federation , which, along with a number of Syrian, Libyan, Egyptian jihadist groups, had all the features of the national liberation movements. Today they are replaced by mercenaries. Exactly within the framework of this logic, it happened on the territory of Ukraine, where ideological fighters on both sides of the civil conflict were partially killed during the hostilities, were partially exterminated in a planned manner, and now on both sides there are classic mercenaries working in the same way for hire. It is not surprising that these people now also roam in the interests of employers in countries where they have never heard of any Russian spring. Nothing personal - now it's just work.

Most likely, a considerable part of the veteran militants of Azerbaijani origin who fought in Syria (not to say that there are many at the moment - up to a thousand people, in total, about 3.5-4 thousand Azerbaijani citizens passed through Syria - and at least half a thousand fought in the ranks ISIS, the rest are in other groups) have now returned to their homeland, and it is they who may well be involved in today's conflict. Of course, not as a combined arms infantry - their specialization is different, but it is precisely their specific training and experience that may be in demand for other work. And it is more than likely that the Azerbaijani militants are working under a Turkish patent, so their temporary transfer to their homeland is more than logical and justified from the point of view of Turkey..."


Nesmiyan's allegations of nomadic gangs are fully corroborated by media reports. For example, like this:

“One of the leaders of the pro-Turkish“ Syrian National Army ”fighting against the government of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, Ziyad Haji Ubeid, confirmed reports that people in the zone under his control are being recruited to participate in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to him, the difficult economic conditions in areas controlled by Turkish troops and the SNA pushed the Syrians to participate in a foreign war: "The economic situation in Afrin, Ras al-Ain and other areas is very bad, people cannot support their families".

Supporters of the SNA, participating in extraneous conflicts on the side supported by Turkey, according to them, "repay their debt for the support that it provided" them.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia announced that Turkey is directly present in the combat zone, and is also sending fighters of pro-Turkish groups from Syria to Azerbaijan. The Russian Foreign Ministry did not comment on the speech of the Armenian diplomats in any way, and their Azerbaijani counterparts deny the statements about Turkish interference. Today, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia Polad Bulbul-oglu called reports about mercenaries on the side of Baku "fake".

Later, the British Guardian reported about the appearance of the Syrians in the war zone in Karabakh, indicating that the militants are being recruited by a Turkish private military company and are being trained in Turkish training camps..."

* Terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation.

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