Over 200 people were arrested in Minsk over the weekend, 100,000 took to the streets again

Over 200 people were arrested in Minsk over the weekend, 100,000 took to the streets again

Over 200 people were arrested in Minsk over the weekend, 100,000 took to the streets again

7 September 2020, 09:51
Photo: tut.by
Despite persuasion, threats and talk about the fading of the protests in Belarus, this weekend hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Belarusian cities again. Riot police and security forces again began harsh detentions of the protesters.

Telegram channels are conducting polls on whether Belarusians are ready to organize the self-defense units.

Protest actions took place this weekend throughout Belarus. The authorities' hope that the protest is fading has not materialized. Each time Belarusians confirm that they do not consider Alexander Lukashenko their president. Russian propagandists brought into state channels do not help. Threats and persuasion also do not work. The authorities are starting to lose their nerves again. At least two hundred people were arrested in the country on Saturday and Sunday.

Арест студентов

On Saturday in Minsk, riot police detained students at a solidarity rally near the Moscow State Linguistic University. First, two law students were severely detained. Then more than 25 people were behind bars. Women's marches were held in Minsk and Gomel. "Sasha, have some tea! Putin is treating!" the girls chanted.

Плакаты на марше

The Ministry of Internal Affairs on Saturday published an appeal to citizens on its website. “Today, in order to prevent illegal actions on the part of protesters in Minsk, a set of measures has been taken. Police officers are on duty in an enhanced mode. To ensure security, the number of squads and military personnel has been increased. Additionally, the special equipment of the police and internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was involved. The city's avenues will be blocked during the day. We appeal to the citizens and guests of our country! Do not participate in unauthorized public events".

Марш в Бресте

Did not help. On Sunday, people went to the Unity March. In Gomel, Grodno, Brest, Novopolotsk, Lyakhovichi, Novogrudok, Beloozersk, Mozyr, Baranovichi, Vitebsk, Volkovysk, Svetlogorsk, Mogilev, Lida, Bobruisk, Zhodino ... Hundreds of thousands marched against the Lukashenko regime. At the central station in Minsk, workers turned on Viktor Tsoi's "Changes" through loudspeakers.

Люди в штатском задерживают протестующих

In the capital, the marches began in the morning. The riot police began to detain the protesters. The protesters were dragged out of the columns and taken to the police stations. After that, people created couplings and moved around the city. Then it was much more difficult for the police to arrest citizens.

Люди в штатском выводят задержанных из кафе

Now the authorities began to use unknown persons to beat and arrest protesters. On Pobediteley Avenue, the participants of the march ran into a cafe, fleeing from riot police. People in civilian clothes smashed windows with batons and dragged people who had taken refuge in the cafe and threw them into police wagons. The police watched their actions without taking any action.

Люди прыгают в воду, спасаясь от ареста

In Victory Park, people jumped into the water so as not to end up in prison.

For several hours in a row, people stood in front of the Palace of Independence. On the fence, the protesters left their "messages" to Alexander Lukashenko. Periodically, the security forces sprayed pepper cans, driving off the protesters.

Военные арестовывают демонстрантов

On Chebotarev Street, brutal detentions took place. Several ambulances arrived at the scene. Many security officials in military uniform cordoned off people who were heading for a protest in the city center. Tut.by reports the story of the girl Frederica, who saw everything with her own eyes:

- There were so many of them, three times more than people. Although people were okay. The feeling that just the whole army came there! They were waiting for the appearance of police wagons. They came and packed people. Later, beads began to arrive. They took every last one - from the corner into which the people were driven. Those who entered themselves were lucky, those who resisted used force. In the crowd of detainees there were teenagers about 16 years old. I filmed a video of people being loaded into police vans. It seemed that they should have run out of space long ago, but no - everyone continued to push new people. Someone calmly entered, someone was shoved... When almost everyone left, they began to wait for ambulances.

Марш в Минске
Марш под пождем в Минске

Tough detentions took place in Grodno. The security forces used tear gas. "They dragged me by the hair and on the ground, beat me, caught up, let the gas go", - eyewitnesses say. "Young and old are walking forward, tearing the masks off the beast and breaking through the cordon. The cattleties, in turn, do not reduce the degree of violence. They do not care about the gender, age and level of activity of the protesters", reports the Nekhta Telegram channel. In Vitsebsk, there were several clashes between protesters and police. The police began to beat several people with truncheons, the protesters rushed to their aid. They managed to defend the men, the townspeople pushed the police from the vacant lot to the sidewalk...

Марш в Гродно
Марш в Гродно

The morning detentions only mobilized people. In Minsk, 100 thousand people took part in the Unity March. During the march it started to rain, but the people did not leave. Detentions began at Lukashenko's residence. On Nemiga, citizens reported that unknown persons appeared in sportswear, who were walking in a crowd in balaclavas, body armor and with batons! "Titushki appeared in Belarus?" - asks Nekhta. But people are not afraid of them either.

- How much can you be afraid? They will detain, think, we will not eat for three days, even though I will lose weight. They won't kill you, ”the girl laughs, on whose shoulders a white-red-white flag is thrown. - I grew up in a communal area, for me these boys in black are so ... People are discussing the interception of the conversation "between Berlin and Warsaw".

- Have you heard? Just laugh out loud.

Human Rights Center "Viasna" reported 174 detainees in Minsk alone

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