Diplomacy lessons: Lavrov called the US policy towards the Russian Federation stupid

Diplomacy lessons: Lavrov called the US policy towards the Russian Federation stupid
8 April , 15:45Politics
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov commented on the statement by the administration of US President Joe Biden that the US has completed the investigation of "Russian crimes" and that the country is now preparing retaliatory measures for it.

The head of the diplomatic department called America's line in relation to Russia stupid.

"Even if such a pro-American structure as the Atlantic Council publishes materials criticizing the absolutely stalemate of the United States with regard to Russia, and maybe even a stupid one, which does not bring any result in terms of the goals that were announced with the imposition of the sanctions", - he noted at a press conference in Kazakhstan.

Earlier, the United States announced its readiness to expel two Russian intelligence officers who work in the country under diplomatic cover, Bloomberg reported. Also, America is preparing a new package of individual sanctions against a number of other high-ranking officials in the Russian Federation.

"It's even difficult to comment on this", - Lavrov said. He added that so far no decisions have been made on this matter. In any case, there have been no official statements on this yet. However, all America's "retaliatory measures" will be taken commensurately by Russia.

The minister also noted again that the United States remains an unreliable partner for Russia. "You cannot rely on them", - he added. Earlier, Lavrov also called the European Union an unreliable partner for Russia, with which our country will even be ready to break off relations if Europe introduces new sanctions against the most vulnerable sectors of the Russian economy.

We will remind, earlier the press secretary of the American President Jen Psaki said that in the near future America will respond to Russia's actions. The US government has requested additional information from its intelligence about the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, about a massive hacker attack last year against the US ministries, and about Russia's alleged interference in the US elections and the awarding of awards for the assassination of the US military in Afghanistan...

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