Alexander Lukashenko signed a "posthumous" decree

Alexander Lukashenko signed a "posthumous" decree
Alexander Lukashenko signed a "posthumous" decree
9 May 2021, 12:03Politics
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (pictured) decided that if he dies, the burden of governing the republic will fall on the shoulders of the Security Council and the Prime Minister.

This is stated in the decree "On the protection of sovereignty and constitutional order" signed by Lukashenko, his press service reports.

The press service discloses the details of the document: in the event of the death of the head of state as a result of an assassination attempt, an act of terrorism, external aggression, or other violent actions, all state bodies and their officials act in accordance with the decisions of the Security Council, whose meetings are chaired by the Prime Minister. Also, a state of emergency or martial law will be declared in the country.

Whether national mourning will be declared in the country is not specified in the press service.

Let us remind you that recently Lukashenko has been constantly drawing public attention to the alleged attempt on his life, which was allegedly prevented.

We also remind you that protest actions in Belarus have not stopped since August 2020. They were caused by the very controversial results of the presidential elections. The CEC announced the winner of President Alexander Lukashenko, who has been in office since 1994, but the opposition announced massive falsifications, demanded a recount, the release of political prisoners and the appointment of new democratic elections.

Opposition leaders were forced to leave the country, thousands of Belarusians received real sentences for participating in rallies.

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