The policemen who detained the prosecutor Mylnikov were deprived of their names, surnames and titles

The policemen who detained the prosecutor Mylnikov were deprived of their names, surnames and titles
The policemen who detained the prosecutor Mylnikov were deprived of their names, surnames and titles
13 July 2020, 12:05Politics
Mylnikov’s career in the Prosecutor General’s Office ended on this. The fate of the young policemen, it seems, will also not be enviable: they are suspected of abuse of authority - this is a serious charge, the case is being investigated by the Investigative Committee of Russia.

The NI’s attempt to speak with Filevsky Park police officers failed - the case was classified.

Oleg Goryunov

Let us recall that the deputy head of the physical protection and security department of the Prosecutor General Mylnikov detained a patrol squad. He was taken to the police on the evening of June 29 for trying to break into one of the elite houses in the territory under the jurisdiction of the inadequate state. It is possible that the prosecutor simply mistaken the address, because he lives nearby.

Mylnikov refused to introduce himself to the police, offering to “google himself,” and then attacked the policeman when they wanted to send him to the cell and asked to remove the belt.

After the trial, Mylnikov was taken by prosecutors. A check has been launched against the police, since the detention and search of prosecutors is prohibited by law.

Attorney General Igor Krasnov signed a decree dismissing Igor Mylnikov for violating the code of ethics of a prosecutor.

In the news about the detention of the prosecutor, it immediately struck me that his position, place of work were not hidden from anyone, but the police on whom he attacked turned out to be nameless.

To correct this error was not just a simple matter, but impossible.

The duty officer at the Filevsky Park police department immediately stated that she would not say anything: neither the first name, nor the last name, nor the rank of the participants in the detention of the prosecutor, and then for some reason asked a discouraging question:

- I will not say anything - the press service of the Western District forbade us to say anything on this topic. I did not offend you with anything?

Звонки после сообщений о том, что Ирина Волк снова в сети, остались без ответа

-No, do not offend. We just wanted to write an article in defense of your employees ... After all, tomorrow you may be in their place.

“I understand everything, but contact the Western District”

The press service of the Internal Affairs Directorate for CJSC GU MVD of Russia in Moscow is headed by police major Anna Mikhailovna Barysheva. Attempts to contact her by business phone lasted two days, but to no avail.

The editors had at their disposal a mobile phone number of the chief A.N. Barysheva - Major General of Police Irina Volk - Assistant to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

A message was left on the telephone answering machine of Irina Volk about the desire of "NI" to find out the details of the incident at the Filevsky Park police department and to tell about police officers who were not afraid to detain the prosecutor Mylnikov.

The lack of solidarity with rank-and-file officers in the ranks of the Ministry of the Interior already seemed to be an axiom, when Mikhail Pashkin, chairman of the official police union, answered our call. Our interlocutor stated that "the guys from the Filevsky Park police department did not apply to the union for help, but I will find out everything, and if they need help, we will certainly provide it."

The first who decided to provide legal assistance to policemen from the Filevsky Park police department was Dmitry Aleksashin, lawyer at the PASMI Legal Center :

- I was not allowed to meet with the police, I tried to find out their names through my channels, but nothing came of it. I regard the threat of criminal prosecution of these children under the article “abuse of authority” as quite real. We can say that they were saved by the fact that one of them turned on the phone and the moment of the attack of the now former prosecutor Igor Mylnikov on employees in the line of duty was shot on video.

Human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin uploaded the video to the Network, - Project Manager at According to him, Igor Mylnikov’s friends, unlike the police colleagues, immediately rushed to help him, quote:

Карточка члена клуба

- Friends of the prosecutor passed a bribe to unnamed officers of the “M” FSB department and the heads of the GUSB Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to “hush up” the case of their drunken colleague and instead open a criminal case against the policemen who detained him. To protect the police, I turned to the head of the USB Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow, the head of the USB Directorate of the FSB of Russia, the Prosecutor General and the Chairman of the ICR. I ask you to check for signs of the following crimes: giving a bribe, forgery, as well as violence against a government official and insulting a government official.

In an interview with NI, Vladimir Osechkin said that he did not know the names of the police who had detained Igor Mylnikov.

It is known for certain that Igor Mylnikov held a very high post in the prosecutor's office - he was the deputy head of the Office of Physical Protection and Security of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation.

It is also known that the former prosecutor (he was removed from the post the day after the fight at the police station) was a member of a very influential club - "Artem Chaika Motoclub".

The motorcycle club of the son of the former Prosecutor General is also the brainchild of the son of the President of Belarus - Viktor Lukashenko. The list of club members inspires respect:

Besides Igor Mylnikov the club included the prosecutor Voronezh region Alexander Gulyagin , Deputy Prosecutor General Dmitry Demeshin, Prosecutor Bashkortostan Kamil Kashaev, heads of the Office of the Prosecutor General Alexander Kurennoy, Sergey Serdechniy and Vladimir Lapshov, Crimean inter-district prosecutor Alexander Likhonin, prosecutor Zhukovsky district Kaluga region Dmitry Pogorelov, prosecutor Surgut Alexander Ponomarev, prosecutor Dagestan Denis Popov, prosecutor Lyubertsy Alexander Solomatkin, Assistant on Special Assignments to the Prosecutor General Alexey Serko.

The listed GP employees were surrounded by the former prosecutor general Yuri Chaika and after his departure, for the most part, they either lost their posts or left the Prosecutor General’s office altogether.

Now the newspapers and television screens of federal channels are actively discussing the "case of Mikhail Efremov." The country's leading lawyers and politicians discuss its legal aspects day and night.

The case of Igor Mylnikov will not get to TV screens, although there is something to discuss in it.

Take, for example, the following question: why didn’t anyone charge accusations of abuse of power with police officers who violently dispersed peaceful rallies with the use of special means and physical force, and policemen from the Filevsky Park police department who responded to the attack on them by a drunken prosecutor can be tried for the very "abuse of authority", and who have already been taken away their names, surnames and titles?

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