Tikhanovskaya said that Lukashenko as president "has no future"

Tikhanovskaya said that Lukashenko as president "has no future"
Tikhanovskaya said that Lukashenko as president "has no future"
15 September 2020, 09:36PoliticsPhoto: belsat.eu
Former presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who called the current Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko a "usurper", is sure that sooner or later he will give up power.

She expressed her opinion in an article written for The Washington Post.

Tikhanovskaya said that the opposition continues to hold protest actions, and it is only about peaceful rallies without the use of violence. She noted that this form of protest would be sufficient.

- We, as a country, have passed the point of no return. Lukashenko has no future as the leader of this country, and his departure from power is only a matter of time, Tikhanovskaya wrote.

She also added that together with her associates, she will seek "support from the international community" and asked the authorities of other countries to impose sanctions against "persons who falsified the results of elections and committed crimes against fellow citizens".

She again pointed out that “all agreements with the current illegal regime of Belarus are concluded by other countries at their own peril and risk,” and also stressed that “the future lawfully and freely elected government” will comply with these agreements.

Earlier, Tikhanovskaya made a statement published on the Pul Pervoy telegram channel (named after the government channel Pool Pervoy), in which she warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that no agreements between the Russian and Belarusian leaders "will have legal force". In the photo posted with this statement, Tikhanovskaya is sitting in the kitchen opposite the sink, holding a smartphone.

Recall that the meeting between the presidents of the two countries took place on September 14. During the conversation, Putin said that he would provide Belarus with a loan of $ 1.5 billion.

In turn, Tikhanovskaya said that there is no need to return this loan to the Russian Federation, since Lukashenko himself, and not the people, should give it.

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