When the people are united: a rally on Independence Square in Minsk (VIDEO)

When the people are united: a rally on Independence Square in Minsk (VIDEO)
When the people are united: a rally on Independence Square in Minsk (VIDEO)
17 August 2020, 09:26Politics
On August 16, the most massive protests in its history took place in Belarus. The Charter'97 portal reports that a million people took to the streets throughout the republic, and in Minsk alone, about 500 thousand took part in the actions.

Earlier, the Belarusian media reported about 200-250 thousand, but the video published shows that there could have been more people.

At the rally of Lukashenko's supporters, which took place on the same day, there were no more than 30 thousand people, local observers calculated. This number is puzzling, given the 80 percent, according to the CEC, Lukashenko's victory in the elections.

Lukashenko said at the rally that in the event of a repeat election imposed by NATO and other external forces, Belarus "will perish as a state".

We will remind, on August 9, presidential elections were held in Belarus. The CEC announced that incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko won them with a score of 80.08%, and his main rival from the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovskaya - 10.09%. The public did not recognize these results. Tikhanovskaya was forced to leave the country, but did not stop participating in the social and political life of the republic.

Large-scale protests do not stop in Belarus, more than 7 thousand people were detained. One person was killed. Hundreds of photo and video evidence of detainees being abused have been published. The UN demanded a thorough investigation of the torture of citizens.

As the political crisis progressed, Lukashenko has repeatedly publicly appealed to Russian President Putin for both moral and military support. According to most observers, the Russian Federation will not send troops to rescue Lukashenko's regime.

The Russian Federation Council expressed the opinion that Lukashenko would "inevitably" lose power.

“As soon as the information field is lost, this is inevitably and inevitably followed by the loss of the political field and the change of power. The main battles today are unfolding in the field of information, which is the“ blood ”circulating in the arteries and veins of the social organism. Primitivism in support of power, multiplied by leaving from acute topics of concern to society - a true recipe for losing information to the opposition, they will do Lukashenko a disservice. With information of low quality, high-quality politics is impossible", - Senator Alexei Pushkov wrote in his telegram channel.

Political scientists have repeatedly written that the days of the 26-year-old Lukashenko’s regime are numbered.

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