Officials appointed by the president will be able to work for the lifetime period

Officials appointed by the president will be able to work for the lifetime period
Officials appointed by the president will be able to work for the lifetime period
22 January 2021, 16:11PoliticsPhoto: РБК
Vladimir Putin proposed lifting the age restrictions for the officials whom he appoints and removes from office: they will be able to continue working after reaching the age limit of 70 years.

The bill numbered 1099092-7, amending the law on the civil service, was submitted by President Putin to the State Duma for consideration. Its text was published on the website of the lower house of parliament.

Now the age limit for civil service is 65 years, but in some cases, for the leaders of the highest group of positions, the service life can be extended by no more than five years - up to 70 years.

“At the same time, in some cases, it becomes necessary to extend the term of the civil service for the most experienced and highly qualified managers even after they reach the specified age”, - Interfax quotes the text of the explanatory note to the bill.

It is for the "most experienced and qualified" project managers that it is proposed to remove the age limit of 70 years.

Earlier, a bill was submitted to the State Duma allowing officials to forgive for corruption "in exceptional cases".

Many experts disapprove of the proposed amendments. According to Rosbalt, those who run the country today, for the most part, have long stepped over the 60-year age mark. They do not understand much in the modern world, and they do not consider it necessary to delve into it.

“If we look at the average age of the governing political and economic elite in the country, we will see that this generation was born in the 1950s and 1960s. Approximately Putin's generation and "plus or minus" from him. At the same time, we do not have any mechanisms for the rotation of elites and the institution of elections does not work. Due to the fact that a system has developed, when it is customary to appoint some relatives and acquaintances to managerial posts, there is no renewal of the elites. At the same time, social lifts that would allow young people to reach some managerial heights do not work. Here, indeed, I would agree with the assessment that gerontocracy rules”, - the publication quotes the opinion of the political scientist Marina Litvinovich.

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