Deputy Ketevan Kharaidze, who is on hunger strike in jail, deprived of water

Deputy Ketevan Kharaidze, who is on hunger strike in jail, deprived of water
Deputy Ketevan Kharaidze, who is on hunger strike in jail, deprived of water
25 June 2021, 17:34Politics
Municipal deputy of the Tverskoy district of Moscow, Ketevan Kharaidze, who went on a hunger strike in the pre-trial detention center, complained about the actions of the jailers, who during the abnormal heat did not give her water.

According to Kharaidze's lawyer Sergei Ross, his client wrote a letter in which she described the circumstances of the bullying she was subjected to in custody.

“The editor-in-chief of the Corpus publishing house, Varvara Gornostaeva, with reference to the lawyer of Kharaidze, Yevgenia Grigoriev, said on Facebook that they bring boiling water to the deputy in the heat, ” the Dozhd TV channel reported.

A day earlier, Gornostaeva, using the service of the FSIN-shop, ordered 18 liters of bottled water for Kharaidze, but, according to her, this parcel of water was never delivered to the starving deputy Kharaidze.

“Yesterday, the lawyer Evgenia Grigoreva visited Keti Kharaidze in pre-trial detention center-6 in Pechatniki. Among other things, it turned out that Keti had no drinking water. They bring her boiling water - KIPYATOK !!! - in this hellish heat. And no, they don't bring water. The second we found out about this, I ordered 18 liters of bottled water from the FSIN store. I was sure that the paid order will be delivered well at least by the end of the day. There is still no water today. But there is a letter from Keti, read it. Hey, comrade of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, this is natural sadism. Not only do you carry food to the person on hunger strike, and leave breakfast under his nose until lunch, lunch until dinner, and dinner until night. This is already in the order of things, we are aware of. But bring some water! Consolidated, by the way, ”wrote Gornostaeva on Facebook.

The court made the decision to arrest Ketevan Kharaidze for a period of two months on June 19. The security forces raided the deputy's apartment with a search on the night of June 18, after which Kharaidze was detained. The siloviki stated that Kharaidze allegedly deprived the citizen of the right to a living quarters due to the fact that she allegedly prevented the commissioning of an elite residential complex in the Tverskoy district. The deputy believed that the building was built with violations . After being placed in a pre-trial detention center, Kharaidze, who does not admit the charges, went on a hunger strike in custody.

Shortly before the arrest, Kharaidze announced her intention to run for the State Duma in the 208th constituency.

Simultaneously with the arrest of Kharaidze, searches , detentions and arrests of a whole galaxy of independent and opposition candidates, who announced their intentions to participate in the Duma elections in September this year, took place in Russia. Politician Gennady Gudkov called what was happening a "sweeping" of the country's political field.

The elections to the State Duma of the eighth convocation will be held according to a three-day scenario from September 17 to 19, 2021. In many regions, local and regional elections will be held simultaneously. The CEC promised that, unlike the scandalous practice of "approving amendments to the constitution" outside polling stations, there will be no "voting on stumps" in the elections to the State Duma. Nevertheless, observers note that the practice of a prolonged three-day voting creates the preconditions for massive fraud.

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