304 thousand NO: a tsunami of comments hit the Telegram channel of the State Duma speaker Volodin

304 thousand NO: a tsunami of comments hit the Telegram channel of the State Duma speaker Volodin
304 thousand NO: a tsunami of comments hit the Telegram channel of the State Duma speaker Volodin
25 November 2021, 13:50PoliticsPhoto: https://t.me/vv_volodin/220
Yesterday Viacheslav Volodin wrote in his telegram a post about doctors who turned to opponents of vaccination and about bills using QR-codes. At the same time, the speaker of the State Duma opened the opportunity to comment on this message, noting: "Feedback is important to us, without this the parliament can't work".

By the time the article was published, there were already over 304 thousand comments under the politician's record, and the feed continues to grow rapidly - the Russians literally blew up Volodin's telegram with their "feedback". People send not only text messages, but also photographic images, gifs.

К моменту публикации статьи насчитывается уже 304 тысячи комментариев.

“Today, doctors from 11 hospitals addressed the opponents of coronavirus vaccination. I share and support the position of doctors. They are fighting for the lives of patients, they know the real situation - what is happening in the "red zones", intensive care units. Understand which measures are really effective. They are not indifferent when they are faced with the fact that some politicians and public figures publicly question the benefits of vaccination. For our part, we are doing everything possible to keep the parliament working. 92% of deputies and 97% of staff members are immune to the coronavirus.

But despite this, today 4 deputies are ill. Over the past 10 days, 2 employees of the apparatus have passed away. We are working on the issue so that those who come to the Duma have a QR-code. First of all, we are talking about our colleagues from the Government, experts. We plan to implement this decision in December. Not everything is going smoothly, but our position is that it is right to start with ourselves.

As for the bills on QR-codes that caused a public outcry. They were sent to the mailing list until December 14 - to the regions, to the Public and Accounts Chambers, the Federation Council. It is important to discuss them comprehensively - they relate to people. Citizens, legislators, regions, members of the public, experts have the time and opportunity to carefully study both bills, express their comments and suggestions.

The State Duma and its deputies have received more than 120 thousand official appeals, and even more comments are heard on social networks. All of them are carefully studied. This is the opinion of the people. On these issues, we will have a dialogue with the Government - the initiator of the draft laws on QR-codes.

We understand responsibility, therefore we consider it necessary that even before the first reading, three specialized committees - on safety, health and transport - discuss the draft laws. Such meetings with representatives of the Government will be held in all factions. In conclusion. It is important for us to work out those solutions that will protect the life and health of people without violating the fundamental rights of citizens.

Our President Vladimir Putin spoke about this. What will be the decision - will show the results of the discussion and the position of the deputies, which they will take on this issue. Feedback is important to us, without this the parliament cannot work. By the way, this is also the reason why I decided to open comments, ”Vyacheslav Volodin wrote in his telegram .


Here is what the Russians write in response to a message from the Chairman of the State Duma (spelling and punctuation are preserved):

- Such bills cause only hatred. They haven't forgotten the pension reform yet.

- Vyacheslav Viktorovich, hear us, please! We are not against vaccination. We are against * compulsory * vaccination! We are against the division of people into vaccinated and unvaccinated, into clean and unclean! We are against the introduction of QR-codes that restrict our rights and freedoms. We just want to live in peace and raise our children in a free and equal society!

- Cancel quar codes in Kazan !!! Otherwise, the whole Moscow region will go there and save the guys

- Against Qr !!! We are not a product !!! Do not touch children !!!!

- We are now discussing bills that are monstrous in their essence. They abolish and trample on the fundamental and inalienable rights and freedoms of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation! The adoption of these laws is unacceptable. Moreover, the drafters of these anti-constitutional provisions should be held accountable to the fullest extent possible. Let me remind you that all this is happening in a country that has defeated fascism with millions of lives, and our disrespectful initiators of draft laws are now trying to promote the idea of fascism again under the guise of concern. We don't need that kind of concern. All people in this world should have their rights and their freedoms. And the population should be protected from disease by promoting a healthy lifestyle, providing poor people with access to vitamins and immunostimulating agents. Yes, the vaccine should also be provided for people, but only for those citizens who would like to use it voluntarily and not under pain of restrictions.

- Why did WHO actually replace the government in our country? Why are human rights, the constitution and laws violated? Where is the public discussion of code laws? I am a free person, my children are free people and our expression of will - there is no law on quark codes!

- It would be better if they gave information on how many people who have already been ill with covid are in the hospital? And give statistics how many vaccinated are in hospitals!

- Vyacheslav Viktorovich, my family and I are against the introduction of quar codes and demand that the bills on their introduction be withdrawn! Qr-codes will not prevent the spread of the virus, but will only lead to discrimination against a larger percentage of citizens!


- My neighbors (old people) with push-button telephones (vaccinated) asked me to tell you that they are against quarkodes! They are against the division of people and against the marks!

- Absolutely against all this! Against codes, against compulsory vaccination, against mask regime. We all want to live, not exist and fulfill someone's whim! Everyone should be equal and free in their choice!

- Instead of being forced by vaccines, provide you People with vitamins, invite scientists and doctors, let them tell you on TV how to raise immunity. Prohibit vaccination advertisements!

- For voluntariness! Against segregation through codes!

- My relative was vaccinated due to the fact that she was not allowed to see the dentist. That same evening, she felt a heaviness in her chest. She developed pneumonia. She is a paramedic, she did not want to administer the vaccine, but she was scared that now she would not be able to treat her teeth. My mother-in-law was about to get vaccinated because she was not allowed to enter the store. Is this a concern for health? Do not let people into transport, to the hospital, to the store? This is a violation of rights! These retirees have worked all their lives so that they are not allowed to go to the store, to the dentist, or to the minibus without a quarkcode? It is their right, their health, it is up to them to decide how to take care of it! I am against the introduction of quarkodes. I am against dividing people. I am opposed to being forced to vaccinate.

- NO to QR-codes !! This is unconstitutional !! Laws Nos. 17357-8 and 17358-8 violate our rights:

- to freedom of movement (Article 27 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation), - to peaceful assemblies, rallies and demonstrations, processions and picketing (Article 31), - to the right to profess religion (Article 28, because worship in a church is also a public event) - to freedom of entrepreneurial activity (Art. 34), - to participate in cultural life and use of cultural institutions, to access to cultural values (Art. 44), - to personally appeal to the authorities and receive state services (Art. 33), - to education, health care and medical care - if the governors decide so (Articles 41 and 43), - and - above all - to protect the dignity of the individual and guarantee equality of rights and freedoms, regardless of the circumstances (Article 19 and 21).

- I am against compulsory vaccination and quar codes. It's not about health at all!

- Russia will not forgive you for this! Do not try to introduce anti-human laws, the people are already exhausted!

- I'm not against vaccines! I do not have to present all the documents that you have listed at the entrance to a shopping center, cafe-establishment, or at the entrance to public transport. I have been ill, the antibodies have been holding for a year! Why would I get vaccinated? The doctor told me to wait for the antibodies to go down. My relatives decided to vaccinate against quarkodes as well. Why should they tell everyone about their vaccinations ?! This is their own business! Moreover, even those vaccinated with a quarkcode can get sick and also spread the virus. Then why are these kuarkodes ?! If it’s about a disease? People are trying to artificially divide! And segregation is unacceptable! Separation of people is NOT PERMISSIBLE!

- Exit Woz immediately, no codes, no vaccinations against will and coercion! No segregation!

- As for the doctors - there are hospitals not on the Moon - our mothers, fathers, sisters, aunts, friends work in them! And they tell what an orgy is going on there, how they wind up statistics on covid in order to get money from the budget !! That tragic cases after vaccination are not recorded, but they are drawn up as a covid !!! How are the patients treated, not approaching them for several days, or until you find an official, upon whose call they begin treatment !!! How recently a girl of 8 years old was dying in her mother's arms, because the doctor did not begin the operation due to a positive test for covid !! And there is a lot more that can be said. So let these doctors shove this ostentatious letter to hell !! WE KNOW WITHOUT THEM WHAT IS GOING ON IN HOSPITALS !!!!!

- I am against the introduction of forced QR-codes. Against the division of people into "good" with the code and "bad" without!

-… I call for prudence for the sake of children and grandchildren!

- I will express my attitude to everything that happens in poetic form, without requests and complaints, which are already enough. Perhaps some of the "elite" and "doctors" recognize themselves. It was written not by me, but by I. Guberman: 1. “Oh, and it is dim in Russia today: Damp, mud, darkness, rumors. And slugs swell with boas. And the wolves crawl towards them like foxes. " 2. “He is looking for the keys to healing. All Russia, puffing with zeal. And the executioners went to the doctors. And to the courses of sisters of mercy. "

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