Canada offers Russian billionaires to buy sanctions relief

Canada offers Russian billionaires to buy sanctions relief
Canada offers Russian billionaires to buy sanctions relief
27 May, 09:34Politics
The G7 countries are discussing a proposal by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland (pictured) to allow Russian billionaires to buy an exemption from the sanctions lists. This money is planned to be provided to Ukraine for restoration.

According to the AP, referring to officials in the United States and Canada, the Ukrainian authorities do not object to such an idea. At the same time, the publication writes that Russian businessmen also do not mind - allegedly Friand made this proposal after talking with them. Since the current official previously worked at the Financial Times, she does not know the richest people in Russia.

The Ukrainian authorities were notified about the discussion. The source of the agency clarifies that it is beneficial for the West that Russian billionaires dissociate themselves from Russian President Vladimir Putin, and also finance the restoration of Ukraine. The G7 started discussing this idea because, the interlocutor assures, it provides Ukrainians with “some comfort”. In addition, at the meeting of the participating countries, various ways of confiscation of assets in favor of Ukraine were discussed.

Earlier it became known that the European Commission plans to simplify the confiscation and seizure of property from citizens of Russia and Belarus. We are talking about assets in Europe, obtained illegally.

The day before, we recall, the EU for the first time published the amount of frozen assets associated with Russia. Thus, due to anti-Russian sanctions, $24.5 billion was blocked in the EU countries alone, and the amount of blocked assets of the Russian Federation around the world is about $300 billion, of which $100 billion is in the United States.

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