"Biden is a robber and a henchman of China!": Americans made a storm on social networks

"Biden is a robber and a henchman of China!": Americans made a storm on social networks

"Biden is a robber and a henchman of China!": Americans made a storm on social networks

28 January 2021, 09:44
A big "surprise" awaited those who subscribed to the official White House instagram. To the amazement of many users, as soon as Joe Biden took over as President of the United States, all posts made by the administration of 45 President, Donald Trump, were removed.

Finding a positive comment about Biden under the new posts is almost unreal.

Christina Zabirova

To date, there are only twenty publications on the White House Instagram.

Так теперь выглядит инстаграм Белого Дома.

Users who were previously subscribed to this account and followed the activities of Donald Trump are massively expressing their indignation in the comments. Real internet battles are underway!

People are outraged that the notes describing the fruits of the work of Trump, "the best president in US history" have been erased, and they also complain that despite their unsubscribing from the page of the "Biden White House", Instagram somehow signs them back.

Many people note that they unsubscribed 5-10 - or even more - times, but still after a while they found themselves in @ WhiteHouse subscribers.

(By the way, the page now says: "Welcome to the official White House Biden-Harris")

letmeunfollowwhitehouse: I have unfollowed this page already 7 times, and for some reason it keeps appearing in my feed and shows that I am following it. #notmypresident

rileywhittall: This is not at all the White House that I followed. Unsubscribe!


Finding words of support for Joe Biden is a task, to put it mildly, difficult - you can check and see for yourself: the feed of comments under each of the posts available at the moment is a continuous stream of negativity towards the new president and his team.

vhtd8alanis: Fraudulent Administration!

susan.callahan50: No no no no no I won't allow this to happen, 2021 is already ruined. We are women and patriots for Trump. The election was rigged, the system is corrupt Biden is not my president. As a Feminist I feel entitled to stand up for what is right and fight for justice for Trump Supporters and himself. This cannot be happening, we must rebel until biden is forced out to allow the return of Donald Trump. I won't allow my kids to live under the administration of Joe biden as president, I'll move out of the country if I have to, I can't cope this has gone too far America is going to sh*t unless Trump returns!!! Biden is not my president and that Indian wannabe vice president certainly has no right to be in this country get out of my country leave, with creepy biden. I'm leaving America if this corruption is continued #makeamericagreatagain #wewillprevail #patriotsfortrump #womenfortrump #alllivesmatter


mckayla.2015: This ELECTION WAS STOLEN and the COURTS didn’t even want to AUDIT the election. The system has failed us all. There will always be a doubt about future elections thanks to the SWAMP and censoring the voice of the people.

Users massively accuse Biden of "stealing the election", write that his motto is not "America first", but "America last", and they also call him "henchman of China ”and Beijing Joe", and note that now the Americans have a“ Chinese White House”, and they now live in the“ Chinese States of America”. Moreover, some are calling for Biden's impeachment.

artleb_69: More than 100,000 jobs lost in 4 days, this is the worst of presidents...


milanmatovina: Impeachment for Biden!

And some Trump supporters write even entire mini-articles in the comments and explain in detail why he, in their opinion, was the best president in American history, and why they desperately want him back.

Alex_ is_ noturs:

"The difference between me and a lot of my democratic friends...You see Trump's arrogance, I see Trump's confidence. You see Trump's nationalism, I see Trump's patriotism. You hear Trump's unsophisticated words, I hear Trump's honesty. You see Trump's racism, I see Trump's words being misconstrued and twisted by the media daily to fit their narrative. You see Trump as a Republican, I see Trump as a patriot. You see Trump as a dictator,I see Trump as a leader. You see Trump as an Authoritarian, I see Trump is the only one willing to fight for our freedoms. You see Trump as childish,I see Trump as a fighter, unwilling to cave into the lies. You see Trump as an unpolished fighter,I see Trump as a breath of fresh air. You think Trump hates immigrants,I know Trump is married to an immigrant. You see Trump putting an end to immigration in America,I see Trump welcoming immigrants to America LEGALLY. You see Trump's cages at the border, I see Obama's cages at the border. You see Trump with a struggling economy, I see Trump with an amazing economy until the Democrats shut it down. So you and I have way more difference".

Snowdasher 21:

А это инстаграм WhiteHouse45, куда были перенесены все посты, сделанные администрацией Трампа.


"Donald Trump proposed the platinum plan (Plan for black communities that includes labeling the kkk a terrorist organization, making Juneteenth a federal holiday, and putting $500B into the black community), made a peace agreement between Israel and the UAE ( and didn’t need to unfreeze $150B in Iran to do so), Made a peace agreement with Serbia and Kosovo, ended US military involvement in Northern Syria, Approved a timeline to remove all troops from Afghanistan, Demanded all NATO countries raise their defense contribution to at least 2% of their National GDP, reformed VA healthcare benefits and online access, repealed the Obamacare “individual mandate”, Stopped the H-1B replacement of American workers with cheap foreign labor, Tripled the number of federal human trafficking arrests, killed Iranian general Soleimani (who was responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths, Signed the first step act, acquired record funds for HBCU’s, implemented skill based hiring rather than hiring by degrees, advocates for and provides school district waivers, started police reform and is helping congress with the new bills being made, created the Hispanic prosperity initiative, began cracking down on big pharmacy by trying to make medicine exponentially more affordable, added over 4 million sustainable jobs to the US economy, reformed Medicare to stop hospitals from overcharging low income seniors, secured $6 billion in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic, signed VA accountability act, increased net exports by up to $59 billion, signed right to try act, deported and arrested hundreds of MS-13 members, remove shackles and constraints for pregnant inmates giving birth, acquired the highest median household income in American history, signed the great American outdoors act, made animal abuse a felony, mail the US energy independent, (and more) in just his first 3 years in Government. What has Biden done in his 50 years?"

Novye Izvestia carefully checked Instagram for records of Donald Trump and found out that all White House publications made during the 45 presidency of the United States, as it turned out, were transferred to a separate account called WhiteHouse45.

Here, in the comments, everything is bubbling and foaming too: Trump's supporters lament for his departure and warmly thank him for what he has done.

sandypierce2020: Thank you #trump! It's a sad day! All he tried to do was fight for the people, he was not your typical politician, and he was the only one who opposed the liberal media.

wine_culinary_life: We love you. We know it was all rigged by the left. They are driven by hatred. And we will always love you.

tammyedwards1989: President Trump, we know the truth. God bless you, thank you for serving our country.

По сети гуляет фотография письма, которое Трамп оставил Байдену в Овальном кабинете. Фейсбук считает это подделкой, но многие американцы верят в то, что послание подлинное.

It is interesting that such a practice of transferring White House posts to another account seems to have not been resorted to before: at least, there are no separate pages of the White House under the Obama or Bush administration.

Meanwhile, a very emotional discussion continues on the network about the content of the letter, which - in the American presidential tradition - Trump left Biden in the Oval Office.

According to Joe Biden, Donald Trump wrote him "a very generous letter".

“The president wrote a very generous letter. Because it was private, I will not talk about it until I talk to him. But it was generous”, - Biden explained.

However, there is a photograph of an extremely laconic letter printed on White House letterhead and signed by Trump on the Internet:

"Joe, you know I won".

Facebook has already put a special note on this photo, which is published by various Trump supporters, stating that this publication was recognized as false. A number of American media outlets and portals that verify the reliability of facts also write about this.

And yet, many Americans doubted that the letter was fake and continue to repost, noting the extraordinary wit of 45 US President Donald Trump.

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