Residents of PIK Group houses drown after every rain, but the company itself is on the float

Residents of PIK Group houses drown after every rain, but the company itself is on the float

Residents of PIK Group houses drown after every rain, but the company itself is on the float

29 July 2020, 15:36
Residents of the Green Park residential complex, built in Moscow by the PIK Group of Companies, complain that after each heavy rain a real flood occurs in their house. In addition to the developer's negligence, the PIK-Comfort management company is inactive.

Ivan Petrovsky

This has never happened before, and here it is again: in the north of Moscow, in a couple of hours, more than a two-week norm of precipitation has spilled over. This has once again become a serious test for the engineering infrastructure. Muscovites are already accustomed to street flooding - storm sewers are not always a priority when designing communications. But this time even the houses got wet - the new Green Park residential complex built by PIK Group of Companies was flooded with rain. The largest developer in Russia and Moscow, by the way. Now PIK is building 197 houses across the country with a total area of 4,148,885 square meters, and in Moscow, PIK accounts for 15% of all construction

But, unfortunately, quantity and quality are not synonymous. Novye Izvestia tried to figure out what exactly happened, how the PIK-Comfort management company reacted to the incident, and what the residents think.

A resident of the Green Park residential complex Maria told us about what was happening:

- Due to the downpour, the sewerage system, which diverts it from the roof, could not withstand the flow of water, as a result of which the house from the 13th to the 1st floor was flooded. The design of the house is such that the drainage goes inside, and all the water is sent directly to the sewer. All communications were flooded, all electrical panels near each apartment. And from the riser with communications, water flowed into the apartments. I also have rainwater under the false ceiling in the bathroom.

A modern house that simply ceases to fulfill its functions and damages the property of residents - sounds fantastic. But all the words of our interlocutor are confirmed by video recordings. In addition, anyone can check the plausibility of this story - in the group of residents on VKontakte, you can find a lot of evidence of the flood that occurred. The situation is briefly described by the title of the post of one of the tenants: "We are drowning".

The angry tenants (and they can be perfectly understood) in social networks demand to publish the names of those people who accepted this house. If they do not arrange a public flogging after this, then at least they will look meaningfully in the eyes. And there is something to call responsible persons on the carpet: the entire gutter is assembled from ordinary plastic pipes without any reliable fasteners. It is one thing to lay such a pipe from your only toilet, but it is quite another thing to collect water from the entire roof of an apartment building. This is how Mary, an eyewitness to all the events, describes:

- I went up with the emergency team to the technical floor and saw that the pipe was not fastened with anything, and under the pressure it just vomited.

Of course, there is a video confirmation for this case too. It is obvious that the breakthrough of this design was only a matter of time.

Maybe we are too harsh about design and construction errors? Everyone is wrong, everyone needs a second chance to rehabilitate. Still, I want to believe that we do not live in the time of Stalinist repressions, but in a humanistic civilized society. But here's what Mary says:

- A similar situation happened about 2 months ago, when there was hail and rain, but this time it was flooded much more. All inquiries to the housing inspectorate and the management company are answered that the sealing work has been done and everything has been done.

Residential complex Meshchersky Les PIK, incidentally, also suffered from flooding. That is, the current flood is not the first, the problem was well known earlier. City services can be understood: they have no personal interest in rushing to correct something and do everything in good faith. The usual thing. But the managing company of the PIK-Comfort company should be interested in not having any problems. The Criminal Code lives at the expense of the residents, who monthly pay for the maintenance of the common property. They provide services for money, but, it seems, under the shadow of the greatness of PIK, they have not yet realized that they are working in a competitive environment - residents always have the right, by decision of the general meeting, to make a decision to change the Criminal Code. Maria describes how the management company reacted to the flood:

- The rain started at 3 pm, then the electricity in the house was cut off, and until 7 pm no one went to the technical floor. In general, in our understanding, emergency services in such cases should appear immediately and figure out what is the matter. All this time, the water flowed safely throughout the house.

No reaction in an extreme situation for 4 hours. And wet walls and ceilings are the smallest problem here. Water-filled electrical wiring with meters can pose a real threat to the health and life of people.

The leak was fixed this time. But how long to wait for the next one? There are suspicions that it was not for long - the approach to the construction of PIK Group of Companies has become a byword: the wind demolishes their temporary buildings, they cut down the trees of the Tomilinsky forest, build an office center instead of the necessary school... In general, they strive by all means to increase profits and minimize costs, crossing all sides reasonable.

“Due to our technologies, we can build a 25-storey building in two months and completely hand it over with finishing in six months", - PIK owner Sergey Gordeyev boasted in his interview, while talking about the fact that “There was a dream to create something like Apple in residential real estate"... Residents who have paid a lot of money for their cherished meters in Moscow apartments, and Gordeyev, who imagines himself to be a Russian Jobs, do not care.

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