Buzova and Borodina will engage in mysticism and metaphysics

Buzova and Borodina will engage in mysticism and metaphysics
2 March , 14:37Secular Chronicles
TNT is preparing to shoot pilot episodes of a new program about mysticism. It will be hosted by Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova.

After the closure of "Dom-2" TV-show, the co-hosts continued to conduct the morning show of TNT "Borodina against Buzova". Soon a new joint project will be added to this program, KP informs.

TNT started developing a new program dedicated to mysticism. Shows of this kind have huge ratings, as evidenced by the success of the "Battle of Psychics". Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina have already been invited to host the new program. Preparations for filming pilot episodes have begun.

The girls need a new show not for the sake of a fee: depending on the number of broadcasts, Dom-2 brought Olga and Ksenia 1-2 million rubles a month, which was a considerable part of their earnings. However, TV maintains the interest of viewers, and a loyal audience is needed by Buzova and Borodina for their personal projects. Ksenia makes money on advertising contracts and commercial publications. Olga also has tours and performances to order.

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