Andrey Arshavin told about the reasons for chronic failures in family life

Andrey Arshavin told about the reasons for chronic failures in family life
Andrey Arshavin told about the reasons for chronic failures in family life
12 May 2021, 16:09Secular ChroniclesPhoto: инстаграм Андрея Аршавина
Andrey Arshavin became the hero of the YouTube show “50 Questions. Sport".

The footballer gave an interview to journalist Karen Adamyan, including about the scandals with ex-wives Yulia Baranovskaya and Alisa Kazmina.

According to Arshavin, both women used him to get settled in life: “Why does my personal life end in scandals? I think there are reasons. In the first case, it turned out to be a good start for a career, there was an opportunity - and it was used. In the second case... It is difficult for me to somehow evaluate it. Most likely, this is also an attempt to put pressure on me at the expense of the public".

According to Arshavin, he decided to part with Alisa Kazmina because of her deception: his wife stole a million euros from him. “I would live with this woman, but when the deception on her part was revealed, and it was not a minute, not a second, but a year and a half, I asked: “Why? What for? Are you going to return the money?". Alisa made a choice not to tell anything, not to return the money. And what should I do? Continue to live with her?".

The footballer does not consider himself a bad father, although he rarely sees his children: “When there is a request for this, I always try to do everything and do what I can. When I live with children: change diapers, stay with the child, cook food, take a walk - all this I can and did. The fact that I did not communicate with the children is more a question for Yulia. She did not allow me to see the children when I wanted to, she did everything so that I did not see them. When it became profitable for her, she began to give them to a meeting with me and even in the presence of another woman. In the case of Alice, I am afraid of provocations on her part, so I am not looking for a meeting with Yesenia yet. I miss her very much: I have it both on my Whatsapp avatar and on my phone. They tell me about this that when I meet with the children from Yulia, I have all the children in the photo, because when they see Yesenya there, they are jealous and they are probably offended. But my phone is my phone, and I want Yessenya to be in the photo. When they see this photo, they say that it is a boy, because I have a black and white photograph exactly the same, where you can see that it is my copy. As for the children from Yulia, this needs to be brought to the courts, but if the mother thinks that it is better for us not to see each other, then suing for the child is incomprehensible to me. Maybe then they really didn’t want to see each other, it’s better to ask them, but now relations have been restored, although I have not seen much of them in the last six months”.

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