Komissarov plans to return Ksenia Sobchak to "Dom-2" TV-show

Komissarov plans to return Ksenia Sobchak to "Dom-2" TV-show
Komissarov plans to return Ksenia Sobchak to "Dom-2" TV-show
28 January 2021, 13:43Secular ChroniclesPhoto: инстаграм Ксении Собчак
If the TNT channel agrees to give or sell "Dom-2" TV-show to Valery Komissarov, the producer intends to return Ksenia Sobchak to the program and remove all the silicone breasts and lips from there.

The creator of "Dom-2" TV-show Valery Komissarov sent a letter to the TNT management with a request to return the closed project. While waiting for an answer, the producer told "Sobesednik" about what he intends to change in the TV show.

“After I stopped working on Dom-2 in 2014, the project's ratings began to drop dramatically!", - says Komissarov. - "On the project they began to consider: show obscenity - and they will look at you. In no case! Once I turned on the TV and heard from one of the participants of “Dom-2” on the air: “Let's change pairs!” This is terrible! With me "Dom-2" was different. There was the truth: not only were there no silicone breasts, lips and everything else, there were no silicone thoughts. Therefore, people watched us".

According to Komissarov, during the time that "Dom-2" was filmed without him, not a single star of the level of Buzova, Borodina, Boni, Vodonaeva appeared there: “I raised them like dinosaur eggs. A person comes, I see potential in him. Held for six months, and then they became superstars. And now: “Hello, what's your name? Let's copulate!"

Komissarov would like to see Buzova and Borodina, as well as Ksenia Sobchak, as the hosts of the updated “Dom-2” Komissarov: “We need to talk to her on this topic separately. The most terrible enemy of any creativity is nothing. In creativity, you have to surprise - be different. I will definitely call Sobchak. And it is possible that she will agree. In general, I have a lot of interesting ideas!"

Komissarov says he is ready to pay TNT in exchange for rights: “In theory, the project should not cost anything, because it is closed. But if a specific amount arises, then I am ready to agree on it with the broadcast platform on which the project will be released".

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