Parents were outraged by a cesspool instead of a toilet in a Crimean school

Parents were outraged by a cesspool instead of a toilet in a Crimean school
Parents were outraged by a cesspool instead of a toilet in a Crimean school
1 October 2021, 19:34SocietyPhoto: Подъем
In a Crimean school, due to an accident in the toilet, children had to relieve themselves in a street cesspool, which greatly angered the parents.

According to the publication Podyom, problems arose in the Pozharsky school near Simferopol. According to the parents, children have not had a normal toilet since the beginning of the school year.

By September 1, the educational institution was not ready: with the onset of the school period, the girls' toilet did not work.

“And at the beginning of this week, the second toilet for the boys also broke down. Children began to walk indoors on the street, ”the message says.

The publication published a photo of the "room" that serves as a school toilet for Crimean children. Outwardly, it looks more like concrete ruins, which miraculously did not collapse during the bombing: huge cracks pass through the entire building, it looks unsafe. Inside, judging by the photo, there is a partially concreted cesspool with holes in the floor.


School director Natalya Berestyuk told reporters that the children did not suffer without normal sanitary facilities for a short time - allegedly only one day.

She named the sewage blockage as the reason for the emergency.

“The system just jammed. The company that serves us has a car breakdown. Today we struck two hours ago - now everything is working, everything is fine”, - she said.

Parents, who were outraged by the sanitary condition of the "school toilet", which the children were forced to use for one day, the director considered alarmists.

Earlier, Domestos announced a competition for the dirtiest school toilet, promising to renovate the worst toilet in the country at its own expense. The competition caused a stir among the participants in the educational process: the organizers were inundated with shots of the most creepy school toilets, many of which had not seen repairs for 20, 30, 50 or more years.

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov called the poor condition of school toilets in the Russian Federation a problem specific school. "This is not a question of the Kremlin, but of each individual school, a question of general culture and a question of leadership", - commented Sands launch of the competition for the worst school toilet.

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