It's too early to calm down: the world is tired of covid, and that's all it needs

It's too early to calm down: the world is tired of covid, and that's all it needs
It's too early to calm down: the world is tired of covid, and that's all it needs
2 September 2020, 12:17Society
Despite the fact that quarantine measures remain the same, the number of cases of coronavirus worldwide continues to grow.

The situation is amazing with the pandemic. On the one hand, almost everything is known about the severity of the disease, but on the other hand, people are psychologically so tired of quarantine, masks, gloves and sanitizers that they behave as if there is no danger. The coronavirus takes advantage of this and continues its harvest. Here is what a professor at one of the US universities, where studies began a week ago, writes in his blog:

“Despite all the resistance of the interested public, the university opened. Before the start of classes, students and teachers were tested. We identified 16 positive (0.3%), isolated.

One week has passed. Today we tested it again. Identified 157 infected (15.5%).

And this despite the fact that the administration is just on the ears for the second month, trying to make everything as safe as possible.

There is a small university in the neighboring town, mostly local. From March until the opening of the university there was only one sick person. Two weeks after the opening, there were 100 of them.

It is estimated that at this rate by October we will have 300 new infections per day. As everyone gets sick, so the shop will be closed..."

The situation in Russia is no better. No one knows the real numbers of victims of the covid, but even without them, the situation remains alarming. At the disposal of "NI" were the testimonies of a patient from one of the Moscow hospitals, hospitalized with a diagnosis of coronavirus infection:

“This terrible disease made me disabled in 5 days and is slowly dragging me to the next world.

I don’t believe a single word from the doctors, yesterday when the guy died, he was only 33 years old, the situation was like mine - 25-30 percent of his lungs were missing, and his oxygen saturation dropped to 80. The ventilator did not help him. The doctor told me that we have no cure for covid, so everyone is lucky.

There is definitely no hope for doctors, 25 percent of my lungs were affected, and after a week, 40 percent of my lungs were gone.

I asked the doctor why so, she just threw up her hands.

And nobody wears masks anywhere, and there is no talk of gloves..."

The absurdity of the situation is also evidenced by such a simple fact: in Moscow transport every minute a stern warning is broadcast on the speakers that "no passage is prohibited without masks and gloves!" gloved there is literally no one.

Question to the Moscow authorities: are you kidding me? Either stop broadcasting outright nonsense, or oblige everyone to comply with quarantine regulations.

However, the behavior of the authorities is more than understandable: they use quarantine for their own selfish purposes - when necessary, they will tighten, when not necessary, they will be released. Very comfortable position.

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