Leonid Roshal: "I am 87 years old, and I think that the mask saved my life"

Leonid Roshal: "I am 87 years old, and I think that the mask saved my life"

Leonid Roshal: "I am 87 years old, and I think that the mask saved my life"

3 September 2020, 15:05
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In the Legend program on the RTVI YouTube channel, the renowned doctor Leonid Roshal explained why he changed his mind about the degree of danger of coronavirus, shared why he wears a mask, and also told what, in his opinion, the healthcare system in Russia should be.

“... I told that the coronavirus is only a little worse than the flu on March 3, that is, when it was just beginning in Russia.

I then took the numbers - what is happening in China, what we have, about the flu, and so on. And at that time it really was like this: mortality from influenza and other diseases was higher than under the "corona".

Besides, it was necessary to give people some kind of hope. Do you remember that at that time we almost began to rob shops, smuggle counters, stock up on salt, sugar, cereals, canned food?

I went to the store and saw all this whistle. And having the data that we have, I, completely sincerely, without deceiving anyone, said so, it happened.

But then life showed that if at that moment I was right, then with the further development of the disease I turned out to be wrong, I say this quite frankly.

Now we see how the disease is developing. This virus is very insidious.

Can he come back? Yes. Look what is happening in Israel now. They practically lifted the quarantine, let the children go to schools and kindergartens, and now they grab hold of their heads. In France, the mask regime was again introduced. I find it inexpensive, but necessary.

And I see that crowds of Muscovites and non-Muscovites are walking down the street today in droves. Very brave. But this, you know, how to hope "at random".

I am 87 years old now. And I think that my strict concept - both me and my family in masks - played a role in my sitting in front of you.

The mask may have saved my life. And I advise everyone not to be a fool and not to rush to abandon the mask mode. And if you have a respiratory infection, then in general, please stay at home.

Professional matters should be handled by the professionals. And when I hear that good normal good people become ministers of health of the territories, but economists, that is, people without medical education, it makes me feel uneasy.

Still, people who understand healthcare, understand the organization of healthcare, understand what a patient is, and feel pain should be in charge.

I like the system when the ruble is not thrown into it. We used to treat, but now we provide services. This is a hairdresser who provides services, someone else, but we still treat.

All these questions prompted me to say frankly and honestly about what is happening in our health care (Roshal in 2011 made a report on the shortcomings of the health care system, which was supported by Putin - note "NI" ).

Did this solve all the health problems? I think no. Although I posed the questions sharply.

And these questions are still hanging.

I understand that in order to be engaged in health care, the state must be rich.

But still, now, especially after the pandemic, the country's leadership clearly understands that the way we lived, we can no longer live.

I once said, let's do the modernization the other way around. The country must be prepared for various emergencies - both biological war and nuclear war, if you like.

We had a frank conversation on the Popular Front before the pandemic. And they asked, are we ready for a massive admission of patients today? And they came to the conclusion that no, they are not ready.

And now, when the situation is serious, the patients are taken to Moscow, to St. Petersburg, to some other cities. What if something big happens to these cities? Where are we going to treat?

Previously, the state did not have the ability to fund health care sufficiently. It was necessary to resolve the issue of the army, and these are not flowers, petals, this is the life of the country.

But when 3.5-3.6% of GDP was allocated to health care, and in other countries up to 10-15%, moreover, in rubles, and then in euros and dollars, we clearly understood that this was impossible.

And there was a moment when I told the management in the face: if you want us to treat like there, give us at least half and we, on the basis of the Soviet health care system with funding, will make it so that no one will catch up with us.

And even before the pandemic, Putin decided to increase funding to 4% of GDP and beyond, and now he has already given specific instructions that this should be done. But when we receive the money, we need it to work properly, we need to not saw it.

... Do not fantasize, I have never dreamed of being the Minister of Health of Russia and will not be, I have my own path. It's not because I'm afraid of difficulties.

Being a minister is a lot of work. This does not mean that you eat bread with black caviar every morning. This is an absolutely colossal responsibility.

What would I do? I would gather doctors, paramedics, nurses in a large hall and ask: "What are we going to do?" Because our people are smart. You just need to listen to it.

To be honest, it always hurts me a lot when they start kicking Skvortsov. This is a very educated person. She did a lot.

When we talk about optimization, about the fact that they began to close feldsher-midwife stations, rural hospitals - it was not she who did it, it was done before her. She stopped this process. "

You can watch the whole show with Leonid Roshal here .

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