Anton Dolin accused Konstantin Ernst of attacking the Art of Cinema magazine

Anton Dolin accused Konstantin Ernst of attacking the Art of Cinema magazine
Anton Dolin accused Konstantin Ernst of attacking the Art of Cinema magazine
4 November 2021, 16:46SocietyPhoto: picture-alliance
Film critic and editor-in-chief of the Art of Cinema magazine Anton Dolin spoke about the termination of funding for the Art of Cinema magazine at the request of the General Director of the First Channel Konstantin Ernst.

According to the film critic, the cessation of state funding for the magazine by the "Cinema Fund" was a negative review of the Dolina film on the film "Union of Salvation". At the same time, Ernst was one of the producers of the picture.

Dolin published a devastating review of the film in Meduza * shortly before the film's premiere.

“Ernst said: let's not give money to Cinema Art. And so we didn’t receive this money from the state”, - Dolin quotes Dozhd * as saying.

The editor of the publication added that, according to him, the reason for the refusal to further allocate money to the magazine was the fact that "the film of one of the producers, which is important for the state, I did not even in" Cinema Art", but in another publication absolutely allowed myself to criticize"... Meanwhile, the formal reason for the refusal of funding was called the fact that the Cinema Foundation was created to support films, not the media.

The funds that the editors received from the film fund were used for salaries, royalties and rent.

According to Dolin, for a negative review of the Union of Salvation, he was also fired from the Evening Urgant program on Channel One.

Now the publication will try to survive by crowdfunding. According to the editor-in-chief, "nothing else is left for them".

Earlier, Anton Dolin was among the "rioters" who signed an open appeal for a film award for opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

It's worth reminding that in the 2020 premium cycle, most of the members of the White Elephant Prize Expert Council spoke in favor of awarding the award in the Event of the Year category to Alexei Navalny and his creative team for a series of innovative documentary investigative films.

This decision, for the first time in 22 years of the existence of the award, caused a conflict between the expert council of the award and the board of the Guild. In addition, the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation urged the board to exclude from the expert council film critics and film critics who are not members of this organization.

The Expert Council faced pressure and an attempt to interfere with censorship in its activities, which contradicts the rules of the award and the spirit of free expression of the will of the council members. After lengthy discussions, the President of the Guild of Film Experts and Film Critics of the Russian IC, Kirill Razlogov (he passed away in September 2021 - editor's note), decided to withdraw the Guild from the list of the founders of the award.

* By the decision of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, the media were included in the register of media performing the functions of a “foreign agent”.

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