Deputy Milonov saw signs of extremism in the film about a Chechen gay

Deputy Milonov saw signs of extremism in the film about a Chechen gay
7 April , 13:32Society
State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov said that the documentary "Quiet Voice", which was previously supposed to be shown at the "Artdokfest" film festival, is extremist in nature. The film tells about an MMA fighter forced to flee Chechnya due to homosexuality.

The parliamentarian asked the head of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, to prosecute the organizer of the Artdokfest film festival for extremism.

“The content of the film is openly extremist, prompting the commission of crimes based on political, ideological, racial, national and religious hatred and enmity”, - RIA Novosti quoted Milonov as saying.

The MP added that the festival itself enjoys "generous financial support from foreign structures, including foreign media, and foreign states", and its organizers have shown films with extremist content more than once.

He stated that “the community has the characteristics of an organized group for the preparation and commission of crimes of an extremist nature”, collects money for “the preparation of crimes of an extremist nature”, takes part in the organization, preparation and implementation of relevant crimes, “carries out public actions with the aim of inciting social, racial, ethnic and religious hatred, produces mass distribution of obviously extremist materials, as well as their production and storage for the purpose of mass distribution".

In this regard, Milonov asked Bortnikov to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Note that Vitaly Milonov has been actively opposing the pernicious influence of the LGBT community on public moral foundations for many years. The struggle of Milonov is so stubborn in this direction and so continuous that one gets the impression that it (the struggle) has the character of some very deep and very personal grievance.

Recall that the film "Quiet Voice" was already removed from the screening at the festival in Moscow. The founder of "Artdokfest", film director Vitaly Mansky said that the festival was forced to cancel this show "under pressure of circumstances." He added that he was asked to approach a representative of the Chechen diaspora in Moscow, who "very much asked to remove the picture from the screening, explaining that a Chechen cannot be gay, and on this basis, this picture, in principle, offends the entire Chechen people".

"Artdokfest" is an international documentary film festival that takes place simultaneously in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Riga. Films shot in Russian or in the languages of the peoples of Russia can participate in the Artdocfest competition program. More than 100 films were presented this time. The jury has not yet announced the names of the winners.

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