Mass emigration of Jews suspended the development of Russia

Mass emigration of Jews suspended the development of Russia
7 April , 13:06Society
One of the reasons for the simplification, archaization and slide into the New Dark Ages of our country is the loss of the huge Jewish, German communities and, in general, the emigration of the urban Europeanized class.

The Jewish Question Telegram channel reported that on Tuesday, April 6, in Jerusalem, hundreds of new immigrants went to a protest in front of the Knesset (Israeli parliament), demanding that their next of kin should be allowed to enter the country.

"We are organizing a live chain of pregnant women and brides dressed in wedding dresses, which will stretch from the Knesset to the Prime Minister's office," the announcement of the event said under the headline "Open the country for the next of kin of repatriates".

The issue of the repatriation of Jews to Israel from other countries of the world is still relevant. The fact is that according to Israeli sociologists, there are still fewer Jews in the world than there were before the Second World War, during which the Nazis killed more than 6 million people of this nationality in concentration camps.

The channel also cites an interesting fact: 61-year-old Zabulon Simantov, who for the last decade was considered the only Jew left in Afghanistan, decided to repatriate.

Meanwhile, analysts have calculated the results of the mass exodus of Jews from the territories of the former Soviet Union and tabulated the number of Jewish communities from the former Soviet republics in the countries of the world. As you might expect, Israel itself and the countries of North America hold the championship here:

- Israel - 950 thousand Jews (not counting the second generation);

- North America (USA and Canada) - from 550 to 750 thousand;

- Germany - more than 200 thousand;

- The Baltic States - 30 thousand;

- Britain - 5-6 thousand;

- Austria - 4.5 thousand;

- Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg (combined) - 6 thousand.

Journalist Pavel Pryanikov comments on this information in his blog:

“About 2 million Jews left the former USSR. About 0.5 million more remained, of which in Russia - 300 thousand (and with the right to repatriation, i.e. with ¼ of Jewish blood) - up to 1 million.

It is very sad that we have lost such a large and highly developed Jewish community.

In general, one of the reasons for the simplification, archaization, sliding into the New Dark Ages of our Russia is this loss of the huge Jewish, German communities and, in general, the emigration of the urban Europeanized class (including Russians - up to 1-1.5 million). human). Russia is being simplified both ethnically and civilizationally.

I love Israel very much. This is a unique project of building from scratch an island of civilization in the desert. This is a fortress of a Jewish character, which withstood wars with an enemy that was many times greater (as it seemed).

But the feeling that for educated Jews today the agenda of resettlement to Israel is gone. For the sake of getting a second passport or living in two houses - yes, but not for the sake of getting used to local life.

I believe that in Russia one day the time will come when real national life will be revived, including real Jewish autonomy, which may become the center of attraction for a significant part of the Ashkenazi people of the world..."

Social psychologist Alexey Roshchin responded to this post:

“No matter how reduced the number of Jews in the country, this in any case does not affect the scale of anti-Semitism, which I myself am a witness, as a constant reader of the relevant comments under posts of almost any content. And it won't: I remember, back in Soviet times, I read an interview on this topic with Stanislav Lem, a famous science fiction writer from Poland: he then said so, citing his native country as an example - “in Poland after the Second World War, there are practically no Jews left; and there is anti-Semitism!".."

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