Kommersant: the owners of Unistream are trying to sell the business

Kommersant: the owners of Unistream are trying to sell the business
Kommersant: the owners of Unistream are trying to sell the business
7 July, 10:34Society
Clients of one of the three Unistream money transfer systems remaining in Russia started having problems with receiving and returning funds. At least eight partner banks of the system stopped working with it. The company assures that they are "working as usual."

According to Kommersant, citing its sources, the owners of Unistream are actively looking for buyers for their business. At the same time, Unistream itself denies this information, as well as the fact that the system is malfunctioning. However, on specialized forums, users complain about the impossibility of receiving transfers from Russia through Unistream. Among the recipient countries are Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Cyprus and others. Refunds are also delayed, users complain, citing a period of up to two weeks.

- We are constantly working with clients who leave reviews on banki.ru. In part, cases of inaccuracy and false information were identified, 90% of the issues were settled, the company said.

However, the correspondents could not find any signs of a settlement on the forum either from the customers or from the company. At the same time, new complaints are added daily there.

As it became known, the Belarusian Paritet Bank and Dabrabyt, the Uzbek Ipak Uyli, the Moldovan Energbank, Moldindconbank, Maib, the Kazakh Freedom Finance Bank and Nurbank really stopped cooperating with Unistream. However, they did not provide a reason for this action.

Note that according to the law on the national payment system, if the money transfer is not received by the recipient within five days from the date of sending, the operator is obliged to return it no later than two days later.

At the beginning of this year, Unistream was valued at $100 million, but now experts believe this price is too high given the crisis and sanctions. So, based on the coefficients at which the much larger American Western Union is traded, Unistream will not cost more than 500 million rubles.

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