Every fifth Russian intends to continue working after retirement

Every fifth Russian intends to continue working after retirement
Every fifth Russian intends to continue working after retirement
8 December 2020, 09:23Society
Every fifth Russian surveyed said that he would continue to work after retirement. The main reason is no money. Most of the respondents consider the size of the pension to be too small for a normal existence. In addition, Russians in old age want to help their children.

Almost half of Russians (45%) are sure that if an elderly person wants to continue working after retirement, no one should interfere with this. Moreover, this position supports more elderly people, as well as the residents of capital cities - so says 49% of people over the age of 60 years and 56% living in Moscow and St. Petersburg, show data from a survey Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

A quarter of the Russians surveyed believe that those who are forced to work in old age can only sympathize. Moreover, most of all this answer is chosen by young people (about 30%), as well as residents of cities with a population of up to a million people (27%) and up to 100 thousand people (29%). Another 8% of Russians surveyed are categorically opposed to retirees continuing to work after retirement, believing that they take someone's jobs and hinder the advancement of young employees.

Among the most common reasons why retirees are forced to continue working in old age, 74% of respondents cite a lack of money due to low pensions. Another 56% strive to help children and grandchildren. A third of respondents (32%) believe that pensioners do not want to be alone at home. Less popular were options for interest in work (19%) and work habits (16%).

At the same time, a third of the surveyed residents of the country believe that retirees at work bring as much benefit as 40-year-old employees. The same number of respondents believe that pensioners, as well as their 40-year-old colleagues, are equally conscientious in their work. And only 25% disagree with this statement, believing that 40-year-old specialists are many times more effective than older workers. 28% of those surveyed believe that middle-aged people work more conscientiously than pensioners.

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